how many of you are excited?

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  1. i dont think you guys realize how much that would increase the cost of the car.
  2. Lots of hostility in this thread.

    Think I'll hit a few points for my own amusement.

    The interior. Okay. It is much better in quality ever since the s-197. If you have owned any other mustang previously and have had the opportunity to own or drive the s-197 you will notice this. Notice I said Quality! Now was I a huge fan of the s-197 interior, no. I didn't like the looks and didn't like the feel. After a year or so and actually getting to drive one for a while, I fell for it. It's much better in quality, so I think that was more of the appeal. 2010 mustang interior now, to me, has not only continued the quality, but improved the appeal. I would love for someone to compare any other car under 28k interior with this car. If you want BMW and higher end car interior, your going to pay for it. The mustang is about bang for your buck.

    IRS deal. Please explain how the IRS will make my car any faster in the 1/4 mile. I had an 04 Cobra, and I love the ride, but hated the strip because of the irs.

    There ya go. Different strokes different folks. And because the true enthusiast of the mustang are a lot smaller portion than the amount of people that just purchase a mustang, ford will probably hold off on the extra bucks for the irs set up. Keeping the mustang priced well under the competition.

    People want to argue hp numbers and such, but forget that the camaro is 30k plus. Some people that finance a car, that gets into crazy amount a month for payments. To me, the mustang will continue to sell and will not worry too much about it's higher priced competition.

    2010 Mustang is a step in the right direction, for the most part. Just fix that rear. I'm really wanting to see what Saleen and Roush are going to do as a body kit for these cars. :nice:
  3. No hostility here. I know MakotoS13 and we're just having a friendly debate.

    That's all
  4. yeah, i know him from another forum. i'm about to move to his neighborhood lol
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  7. In that case I'll be on the way over...
  8. Interesting. I know very few Mustang people that bought 05+ cars. The vast majority of the folks that I know with them either came from other makes, or they had an old Mustang at some point in their youth and the new car reminded them of it. Nothing wrong with that, in fact it makes the marque that much stronger, but I don't really think that the designers hit on something that appeals to those that already had a Mustang (or three).

  9. Very true I have had the sn-95 cobra,and now a new edge 2000 and I do like the 05+ but would not buy one. I think the 010's look better than the 05+ and will be even better with the 5.0 engine we will see. I would like to see them make a true looking fastback thats as light and as powerful as the vette that I would buy.
  10. Ford wants the mustang to look even smaller than before to attract new buyers who would otherwise not buy a mustang. Ford felt the size gave an illusion of bad gas mileage, when in fact it does not have that great of gas mileage. They are trying to create an illusion with the body lines. That all came straight from Ford management in an interview I read over a year ago in a mustang magazine.

    Real mustang fans would not buy the new 2010. Its not a modern muscle car. No HP, no muscle exterior. 2010 looks like other cars now.
  11. i'd say i'm a mustang fan and i'm happy to see all of these changes to the car. i think the car looks the way the 05 should have looked: aggressive.
  12. I like it. Smart changes by Ford. Improving the interior was a no brainer and the exterior changes make the car less retro and more modern. Still, the new exterior looks all mustang to me.
  13. There's a reason every other car out there uses IRS. It is superior, there is no denying that. You don't think it's tough? The original AM General Hummer used a fully independent suspension. Not good in a straight line? The Corvette has been using IRS since the 60's and has always been a fast straight line car AND a cheap one to boot. (for it's class) The fact of the matter is that IRS is superior and can be made lightweight. The reason the IRS setup was heavy in the Cobra was due the the fact that it was designed around the limits of the car's design. The car wasn't originally intended for one so it had to be engineered to fit. If a live axle is so great why isn't everyone from Suzuki to Bugatti using one?
  14. :Word:
  15. I like the new Mustang. I will be looking to buy one. I'm a long time member and now returning because I like the new Mustang. My last Mustang was a 2000 GT Vert. This was many years ago.

    I like what Ford has done with the interior and the lines. I do agree, however, that the price has gone up some what and they still don't provide an IRS. This is disappointing. In the past, you could justify that not having an IRS kept cost down and this was inline with the Pony mentality. However, now that the Premium pony costs upward of $32K, we are being short-changed.
  16. I personally like the 05 body style better than the 09. When I saw the video I was like "thats it?" There wasn't enough changes for me. IF ford does come out with the 5.0 modular it would have to take supreme. I like the fact that the current mustang only needs regualar unleaded. That was one of the draws for me when I bought my mustang compared to the new camaro coming out.
  17. As I previously stated, you can attempt to discredit my posts/my logic with your baseless remarks all you want for all I care. For I am not going to lower myself down to your level.

    You then talk about showing lack of intelligence, well FYI with such adolescent remarks as this one. Just goes to show exactly how limited your intelligence level really is..

    Yes indeed, I suppose it took someone with an actual above average intelligence to come up with such an immature quote that has nothing but flawed logic to show for it..

    With that said, perhaps you should take a good long look at yourself, before you accuse others of showing a lack of intelligence :lol:

    At any rate, I couldn't agree more. As such back and forth personal attacks, doesn't solve anything.

    And Btw: at least I have enough common sense/intelligence for not having to resort in discrediting another member's posts, as an excuse. Just because I don't happen to agree with their statements..

    In the meantime, Good Luck Stryfe...
  18. Um are you chasing me down just to bring up something from another post? Do I need to get a restraining order. Man do I feel sorry for your ex-wife. LOL. Get a life Red
  19. yes, I'm excited. I really like the look of it, inside and out. BTW, when's it going to hit the showrooms? When's the debut date in March?