how many of you are excited?

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  1. Hey Stryfe, congratulations as once again you've demonstrated just how limited your intelligence really is..For not only have you resorted in attempting to discredit my posts with your baseless accusations, but now you've also stooped down to an all new level by resorting to personal attacks as well..:nice:
  2. This whole thing is :OT: and if you have a problem with me private message me. Don't go chasing people down onto other forums and bring something up that happen in another forum. Its that simple.

    Now to get back on topic.
  3. i just wanna personally thank you guys for crapping all over a perfectly good "i have a hard on for the new mustang" thread.

  4. I just wanted to say I am sorry guys that a disagreement that me and red had came to this forum. I did not mean to crap on your forum MakotoS13.
    Now like I was saying one of the things that drew me to the mustang was the fact that it used 87 octane instead of 93. UNLike the new camaro that needs 93 octane.
  5. really? i didn't know that.
  6. New Camaro takes high test gas?

    Really? Even in the V6 version it needs that high of octane (93)?
  7. Hi Makoto, I also wanted to apologize for allowing a disagreement between Stryfe8822, and myself to find it's way onto the 2010 forums. For it also was not my intention to crap on, nor to hijack your thread.

    As for the disagreement that took place between Stryfe8822, and myself was concerned. It all started out on his thread called... Why doesn't Ford come out with a Boss Mustang, in the 2005-09 talk forums. In which I had posted information regarding Ford's future 400HP. 5.0L (Coyote) 4 valve engine from a very reliable Ford insider in whom I've been very familiar with his reputation for well over a year.

    However after attempting to assure Stryfe8822, that I do not post information until after conducting extensive research, and have also determined that such information is considered as both accurate and reliable. He did nothing but attempt to discredit my posts, in a very disrespectful manner which eventually led to his thread being closed down, due to his continuous false accusations and personal attacks, as a direct result..

    The bottom line is this, I really hate getting involved into a nasty argument with anybody for they never solve or accomplish anything whatsoever. And if Stryfe8822 had only been willing to disagree with me in a respectful and courteous manner..I would've respected his opinions in a positive and courteous manner in return, however he clearly did not, and whenever somebody resorts in attempting to discredit my posts with false accusations, and disrespectful remarks along with resorting to personal attacks.
    Well let's just say that whenever somebody puts me in a defensive position like that, I am not just going to sit back and not defend myself..

    With that said, I apologize once again for crapping upon and hijacking your thread Mokoto, and will make certain that it does not happen again on my part..

    In the meantime, thanks for all your patience and understanding in advance...

    -Rocky :nice:
  8. Hello everybody.. Im new to the site but not to the Mustang GM wars .. I really like the 2010 Mustang .. I have a lot of opinions about it but want to say Hello first ..