How Many Parts Cars Do You Have?

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  1. I dragged an 84 four cylinder hatch home last week, busted windshield and pass fender, but a good source of 79-82 trim parts and such. Brings the total to two parts cars, with the 85 hatch I already have.

    They will soon be in the back where they won't be visible from the street, or, hopefully, from the across the creek neighbor's new pool and deck. And I did sell the Mazda parts truck I had last year...

    This is not too many is it?

    How many do any of you all have?
  2. i have an 88 parts car that we flipped on its side to get all of the stuff of the undercarriage that i need for my v8 conversion.
  3. Between my and my dad we have a total of 4 Mustangs.

    Our 85 parts car
    His 87 T-top
    A 88 GT (spare in case either one of our cars is down)
    My 89 vert
  4. i have a 89 notch parts car, and my 74 merc donor car