how many people daily drive there supercharged mustangs

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  1. I use my stang as a daily driver and in about 2 months i'll be supercharging it, just wanted to find out how many people here use there supercharged mustangs as daily drivers and if any problems have happened to them.
  2. I'm going to as soon as the blower is on...i'll be turning in my Lexus lease and driving the mustang again everyday. I haven't done that in 5 years.
  3. i'm thinking about driving mine a lot more after i put my blower on next week. right now i only put about 5k a year on it. kinda a wast when i think about it
  4. Mine's a daily driver. It gets driven every other day since I work 24 hour shifts and my station is only about 7 minutes from my house so the miles stay off of it for the most part.

    Get a good tune, wait until the engine is in operating temp. before getting into boost, and do the regular maintenance on it and you'll have years of fun.....
  5. I have always wanted to know this..Puting a blower on or adding cams which one is easyer on the motor and drive line??I am guessing cams but i am kinda new to the blower stuff so..:shrug:
  6. I can't really make an informed guess on the cams because I don't have any. I can say that how long the motor last really depends on the driver. If you get into boost or high rpms N/A at every green light your motor will take a beating regardless.

    I've had my blower for 3.5 years and have had zero problems getting into occasional boost. I don't dog the crap out of it like some people do though.

    What's your driving style? Lead foot or granny, lol? :shrug:
  7. mines daily driver, and used for trips home (750 miles) 25ish mpg
  8. Me. Vortech V2-SQ.
  9. I it just matters I get on it here and there but I usally dont go past 4 grand..But then if i had to run 93 i prob would take it easy mater if it was n/a are f/i..Car has 113,000 miles i love the sound of a cam but also love the sound of a blower..I just want a low psi blower like 6 psi i dont have no need to go to a high psi cuz it cost alot to run that and i want to just have extra power..
  10. Mines daily driven! ...except on days when its below 40 out...or raining....or when I want better gas mileage... On those days I drive my sisters Honda (she graduates college in the fall though, so I'll have to buy a daily driver...hmm the choices the choices!).
  11. Mine is and will be a daily driver when the blower goes on. Stupid Kenne Bell, send me my missing parts alrerady :fuss: :chair: . I want this thing on bad.
  12. Mines Daily..just not to work...damn people in parking lots kill me!!!
  13. Daily driven except in rain. And I beat the piss out of my car too. :)
  14. i wanna do a vortech maybe in the long future....hopefully that long future gets closer....then it will be my daily driver...i was wondering the same thing....i guess theres no problems as long as you do maintaince when needed..:nice:
  15. Mine is daily driven, until next week.

    IMO, if you just do an S-trim w/ a good tune, you can use your car as a DD for as long as you need. I'm to the point that I want to start doing some serious mods, and my car will need to be off the road for several days at a time. So I picked up a beater.
  16. Mines a daily driver also. My other car is a full size bronco that gets 13mpg so its cheaper to drive the mustang.
  17. get cams and a blower like me :D
  18. nice thats the kinda replies i wanted to hear. on a side note superchargers 4 have the s-trim tuner kits for $2300,thats prolly were im buyin mine from, best price so far
  19. Drive mine every day its a blast like someone noted wait till its warmed up before boost and regular maintaince and you will be fine
  20. I if i do the blower i just want a good low psi blower..I want to see 300 are better at the wheels nothin crazy..