Mach 1 How many PSI do you think I should run?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by DOHC otto, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. I'm about to have everything I need to put on the Procharger. Its amazing how many little things you need that don't come with kit. My question to you guys is how many pounds of boost should I run? Procharger says the max boost you can run safely is 10psi and hp at wheels should be between 450-460 or I could be extra safe and run 8psi and hp should be 400-420 at the ground. So what should I do our motors have high compression an I really don't want to blow it up just to get an extra 30hp what do you guys think? Also does anyone know if I'll need a wideband?
  2. From threads and sigs I've seen alot of people run a safe 8psi. :shrug:
  3. Stock internals go with 8 and leave some room if you need it.
  4. what little things are you talking about that you needed?

    injectors, fuel pumps, tune. what else?

    and i wouldn't go higher than 8 on the stock block. not worth pushing it unless you can afford a new motor
  6. I wouldn't run more than 10psi with a conservative tune. I have seen guys run with 10psi with an agressive tune remodel the side of their block.
  7. I'd get a wideband. Innovate Motorsports LC-1 here with their G2 gauge. When 'testing' I datalog to a laptop (cause it's just too hard to watch the gauge and watch the road)
  8. You expected the 'kit' to include a shift light, headers, midpipe, catback and a new clutch? If you bought a TUNER kit, you would NOT receive the items the Bullitt784 was referencing...So, I'm confused by what you are trying to tell us. What kit did you buy and what types of parts are not included.
    I'd stay at 8PSI on stock internals
  9. No I didn't expect the kit to come with those items. With your base P1SC kit all items are included to get it on the car and most dealers will supply a tune that will get the car running however the tune they include is not anywhere near the %'s that the kits claim. You only pick up about 60 to 70 hp (putting you at about 350rwhp) with a dealer tune because there is no way to mail you a tune that will get all your possible hp out. The car must go to a performance shop and be dyno tuned. The way my car is tuned is through Diablosport Preditor tuner which which has a custom tune put on it by a local mustang shop (Delk Performance in Lebanon, Tn). They put the wideband in the tune and it monitors the AFRs and keeps it in the correct % range. Every car is built a little different from factory unless its a Ferrari. Thats why when you buy your kit its best to have it professionally tuned to what your car needs. Watch your internet site dealers most will tell you the same things I have about the tunes. Some won't and will make you think you are gonna be pushing 420hp at the ground. What I've been told best you can make at the wheels with a P1SC is 390's with a custom tune specifically for your car. If you upgrade to a D1SC you can go over 400 but you really have to be easy on a stock motor then.
  10. OK, gotcha - well I was running nitrous in my 02 2V and to me the AFR was a no brainer, so I bought Innovate Motorsports LC-1 and their G2 gauge - perfect combo, great gauge, great look both day and night (ck their website for pics and details)
    I'm also looking at a ProCharger for my Mach, probably after the 1st of the year.
    It'll either be the PC P1SC, D1SC or the new Vortech V3 (no more oil lines with the V3, but they don't have a setup specific for the Mach that I could find....yet) And I still have my eye on a Kenne Bell...we'll see what funds look like in six months or so...
    Best of luck!