How many quarts of oil with filter change?

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  1. 4 or 5????
  2. 5 quarts.

    Do they even make any cars nowadays that take anything different than 5 quarts? I thought that was the standard.
  3. even if it is the standard there are still the morons that cant get it right....over filled my 5.0....also my focus is 4.5q which is silly not to make it 5
  4. Every other 4 banger I have ever owned always took 4 quarts thats why I asked. Guess it is back to the store for another quart of oil before the change in the morning. It does use the FL-1A filter like my 5.0 right?
  5. yeah, thats what my 93 uses
  6. FL-1A and 5 quarts, unless it's a turbo then it's a 300 and 5 quarts.
  7. what brand is that? mines a PH-8A
  8. i know the FL-1A is motorcraft
  9. With filter change (always), mine takes 5.5 quarts. :flag:
  10. FL-1A is a Motorcraft filter. PH-8A is the Fram filter and it's not recommended that you run a Fram filter (everything inside it is paper or's pretty crappy)
  11. "PH-8A is the Fram filter and it's not recommended that you run a Fram filter (everything inside it is paper or's pretty crappy)"

    Not recommended by whom??. I have been using Fram Filters for the last 15 years is my 89 notch along with Castrol GTX. Where do you get your info?
  12. NAPA Gold 1515.
  13. i was using fram before, but i went to motorcraft....i for some reason dont think it keeps my oil as clean....thats just how i feel
  14. which car in your sig?

    my 93 takes 4 N/A
  15. FL-1A Motorcraft ONLY

  16. From lots of people, just look up Fram in a search engine, you'll find plenty of people recommending against using Fram filters.
  17. just like Red said, do a search and you will see that most people dont like Fram, just because it is Wal-Marts choice fileter to promote don't mean it is good. If you want to keep the ford up treat it riht and use Motorcraft parts when they are available. And I mean by that if Motorcraft makes the part use it!!
  18. As I said earlier, I have been using Fram filters on my Stang for 15 years with 137k miles on the engine. It has never been touched internally. I bought this car new in 89. I use Castrol GTX and change it abt every 5-6k miles. I'm quite happy with Fram.
  19. is your 89 a turbo car?
  20. my 93 is not, I have used fram for years but I began to use motorcraft parts, not just filters but all parts that motorcraft makes on my car and I have inproved my mileage, the engine sounds better and the car just plain runs better. In the end you have the choice to make. I choose motorcraft, and I will not stray.