How many "returning" Stang enthusiasts?

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  1. How many of you out there are returning to the Mustang after "years" of being uninspired? I happen to be one of them.

    My first car was a burgundy red 66 Fastback that my dad had owned since new. It was the car that defined cars for me in my formative years. It was a car that defied all logic as it was stolen twice and miraculously recovered somewhat intact. It was the car that made me get my first job. It was the car I loved for the 2 years I actually got to drive it. It was the car that I regretted selling when I was 18 and joined the Navy.

    Ever since I've always looked at newer Mustangs, and I just shrugged as none of them had the "attitude" of the 60's Stang's (Although the 85 GT raised an eyebrow)

    I just caught my first glimpse of the 2005 GT over the weekend at the tail-end of a piece on the Shelby concept car, I couldn't believe what I saw for that split second! I immediately went to Ford's site and there it was, an updated version of my 66!

    Needless to say I'm hooked, and will be getting my hands on one probably around this time next year after "some" of the initial hoopla will be over!
  2. I agree.. It looks as if our beloved mustang has come home. I have always considered myself a Ford man, just the past decade of Stangs has not gotten me excited.

    That has all changed. I can't stop thinking about this work of art waiting for me each morning in my garage. A wonderful day indeed.
  3. Count me in... my first car was a '67 fastback. Loved that car, and I've always regretted parting with it. Bought several more '67's after that, but due to problems and a lack of resources I gave up on having another.

    But after seeing glimpses of the prototype, I became curious - and after seeing the '05 model I've got the bug again after all of these years! The spark has been rekindled.
  4. Like listening to myself in every way...except I had a 68 coupe.
  5. Kind of. I was obsessed with getting a 65-68 Mustang in high school in the 80s, but couldn't afford one, and ended up getting into Mopars. I've come close to buying later model Mustangs a few times but they never really did it for me and I have stuck with 60s Mopes. Ironically, 60s Mopes have shot past 60s Mustangs in value. In any case, after twenty years of driving 60s iron I'm really ready for a modern RWD V8 car. I think the 2005 Mustang is gonna do the trick.
  6. At the risk of being unpopular.... I think I like the looks of the 03-04 Cobra better. I'm sure once I start to see them on the street and get a closer look I'll change my mind and start to feel like the current car looks dated, that is what happend with the Viper in 2003. Although that GT500 photoshop that MT did was sick. :nice:
  7. Must agree, I have not been inspired by the former platform what-so-ever. So that would essentially mean, that I have not been a fan of Mustang since 77-78' timeframe.

    The 2005 definitely changed that view!
    Gonna save my pennies now boy!!! :nice:
  8. I am only partly in the same group. I wanted a 65-66 fastback for almost 13 years before finally matching the right time with the right cost. Then I bought my 97 since it had styling points form the 60's stangs like side scallops and 3 bar taillights. However once I saw the concept drawings of the 05. I knew the 97 would be going away. Because I have always been more attracted to the 60's styling.
  9. I think what killed it for my Dad was for a short amount of time we had 2 Mustangs, the 66' which became mine, and a 80' coupe that he picked up to be my Mom's daily driver. That car was a pile of donkey dung. It had a 255 V8 (no, that's not a typo) that could best be described as "anemic". It was was obvious to both of us that the Mustang was going in an opposite direction than we wanted, and it wouldn't have been so bad if the car didn't have a mountain of problems, but it did, and my Dad gave up on the Stang and went Chevy for one car and then exclusively Honda right up to the present day.

    To bad Dad didn't get to live to see the new Stang...he passed away 2 years ago, but my Mom has seen it and she told me she wants to be there for the test drive!
  10. I had an 88 5.0 GT Vert. Moved from CA to CO. The Stang was not a good car for snowy winter mountain driving. Traded it in for a front wheel drive.

    Now I'm getting to the point that I can afford a weekend/nice weather car. The 05 is calling. :D