Roush How many Roushkateers?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by DayZee469, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. So as I was going through the members list, I saw quite a few names that started with how many of you are over here???
  2. i got one 360r

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  3. :flag: There are a few.
  4. I think most of us are from fnsweet. We are all forum hoppers :nonono: . Love my stage 3.
  5. Yep another
  6. And Another

  7. and a another, Go Roush:hail2:
  8. mine has the full bodykit? that count lol


    (see below for pic):hail2:
  9. Yeah, I guess. Should we let him in. Ok your in.:SNSign:
  10. another FNSweet'er here, but loyal StangNet member for years! :SNSign:

  11. whoop whoop, im gonna go change my siggy now lol

    si:nice: :nice: :nice: :hail2: :hail2: :nice: :nice:

    there changed :D
  12. Not fair, you have a better sig than I do. If you want to be in, you have give me that sig. Just kidding! Looks good.:nice:
  13. and i didnt do it but cheers lol
  14. Sup booootchs.... I am here .....
  15. Here too...:nice:
  16. Just picked up my 427R last week, and i am in love........
  17. Just did the 427R to my garage!

    Enjoying 427R....need more sunny days!:rlaugh:
  18. Here for a good time still:D
  19. I just signed up today as a result of my car being referenced in a thread about a fake Roush for sale that is really just a green V6 with a sticker on the door.