How many rpms does the stock cam rev to?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94Silverbullet, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. My car revs to 5000 and that's it. How can I make it rev more?
  2. Changing the cam will allow more rpm potential out of it but you are still going to be limited to probably no more than 5500-5600. You really do not need to take it past 6K anyway with the stock stuff since you run into the potential of a lot of problems.
  3. Get a chip to take out the rev limiter? Do you have an auto, if so you will need to change your shift points. Mine goes to 6000+ with my t-5
  4. mine is 5spd. you can rev to 6000 stock? What would make mine stop at 5k?
  5. ? huh?
  6. rev limiter could be but that shouldn't kick in until 6200 rpm's. I make power to 5400 rpm on the dyno then it falls off a bit, I don't know what your problem could be. Time for a trip to the tuner IMO.
  7. you could have a bad tach. factory tachs are known to be off.
  8. I had a 99 GT with 16" wheels factory on it and it would shut off because of the size tires it had. Put a chip in and it did not shut off of anything after that. If it came stock with 17" wheels then you do not have those problems.

  9. Your car should rev cleanly up until the limiter. Although it may not make any power past 5800 with your mods, the car should still be able to rev to 6250. It wouldn't be the factory tach because if the tach is off, you would still hit the limiter, but it would hit at 5000 or where ever the tach shows the limiter is. But if your car will flat out not rev past 5000, you have a problem.

  10. That's what I was affraid of.... Now what could the problem be?

    It was fine until I got a valve replaced. My car is now a full second slower in the 1/4, and it traps 7
    mph slower.
  11. hmm sounds like you may have a serious problem.. Describe to us exactly what happens when you hit 5k rpms.. Does it "feel" like a rev limiter? And also did it rev fine before the issue with the valve?
  12. See sig.. I shift it at 5800 on motor and 6k on the bottle.. IF i shift any less it looses mph and et... On the dyno it makes peak power at 5750 rpm on the motor but it does not really loose any meaningfull hp until 6100... My car made good power to 5 k with the stock heads, intake still on it.... Could yours be very lean???? (weak fuel pump, or mismatched/bad MAF?)
  13. double post. see below.
  14. yes, it was fine before the issue with the valves. When I get to 5k it just reaches it's limit and revs no further. it doesn't die. it just won't rev any further.

    I have after market heads. the fuel pump or MAF hadn't been changed. everything seems fine, and it runs strong until that exact 5k mark.
  15. so your saying it hits 5k and wont rev to 5100? Sounds like valve float to me :shrug:
  16. I couldn't tell you exactly what it is, but I know it's not valve float. If your floating the valves, the car would rev, but wouldn't make power. If the rev's just stop, you have some other type of problem. Have you tried pulling any codes out of it?

  17. nope. it won't go to 5100. it just stops at 5000.

    It doesn't stop revving. it goes to 5000 and goes no further. If i stayed on the gas it would just drive at 5000 unless I shift to the next gear.

    I've never pulled codes. How do I do that?
  18. Try a fuel filter?
  19. its either your fuel filter or you need a basic tuneup (rotator cup?)
    i had this same problem on my 94 cobra a little ways back, the tuneup is what fixed it for me.