How many run no wiper blades & arms on a street car

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  1. How many run no wiper blades & arms on a street car
  2. I always take mine off but keep them in the trunk
  3. I don't get it...why no wiper blades? They're not really a nuisance...
  4. not on your car but they are almost right in the view on a fox
  5. plus I think it looks cleaner especially with the billet wiper deletes
  6. yea the wiper blades are kinda right in the view but dosent bother me, all the torque in the rain is bad enough, i wouldnt be caught dead in florida without wiper blades

  7. Alabama either my friend... 100% agreed.
  8. I treat my windshield with Rain-X once every few weeks ant that stuff is like having wiper blades it's the
  9. yea rainx is pretty damn crazy, never used it on my car though only seen it on friends cars, im goinna have to pick a bottle up
  10. my car isnt my daily driver, I lost my wipers a few years ago. And yes, I actually lost them, never to be found again...

  11. :lol: Try it near the Gulf Coast :lol:

    The Tropical Rain Forest ain't got nothing on us LOL :nonono:
  12. No wiper blades on my street car :)
  13. After I finished my e-bay project I never hooked my wiper motor back up so I think I am going to remove them, being I don't use them or drive it in the rain anymore.

  14. No blades fo me either.

  15. I absolutely HATE rain-x. The glare you get at night while it's raining from oncoming cars, and street lights is just horrible. I'll keep my wiper blades on!
  16. I can't have wiper blades because of the hood, but some grinding this summer will take care of that.
  17. :shrug: i might put mine in the trunk i never ever go out in the rain
  18. I keep em in the trunk.

    I use the Rain-X too. Most of the time i don't even need the wiper blades!
  19. I just thought of that. I don't drive it in the rain so whats the point anyway, mine are pretty sweet. I gave a ride to my fried and he was like "Nice wipers! Where did you get them"(Theyr'e michelin) Me: :shrug:

    When my friend got his supra from AL it didnt have wiper arms. Then the guy tried to find them, he still don't have them! He got one but he never sent the other!

    edit: same thing you know what i meant
  20. I was refering to taking off the wiper blades and arms....Im on the same page as everyone else right? It seems dumb to just take off the blades. lol