How many run no wiper blades & arms on a street car

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  1. Yea youre right
  2. Don't know why I bother leaving mine on out here where I live. We only get rain for about three months (at the most) per year, and usually it's something you can see coming, like, a week in advance. Leaving them on the car just lets a perfectly good set of wipers dry-rot, so I'm thinking I'll just keep mine in the trunk just in case I get caught in a freak storm, and stick with treating the windows with Rain-X.

    FWIW, I never have any glare/streaking issues with Rain-X. Depends on which version of application you use, and how you follow it up; I use a double-application of the Window Wax form of Rain-X (sort of a gel), wipe it off with a wet cloth, then buff it with a perfectly dry microfiber towel. Presto! Now I can see each and every tiny little pit in my windshield from all the road debris it's endured in its 250k-mile lifetime ... but no streaks or glare! :D
  3. I leave them on, one less potential legal hassle, and I do drive in the rain occasionally.

    I'd like to loose the weight, but its still gotta be a street car. Still got the heater too. But 2705 lbs w/o me!
  4. I take them off and have a bag for them so I can keep them in the trunk, I made covers for the stems out of rubber so they blend in with the cowl