How many times have you been pulled over?

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  1. So yea how many times have u been pulled over and how many tickets and how old are you? me ive been pulled over honestly 20 times, but i do live in houston and most of the time its for stupid 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' like brandishing a fire arm out the window at 2 in the morning. yea i dont knwo where he got that from but after he let me out of the squad car he told me he pulled me over for a dirty licenese plate cover. but yea 3 tickets, 1 ticket for each new place i go to, and im 19, so yea that 1 ticket a year, and man thats horrible.
  2. I lost track after about 15 or 20 times getting pulled over. I have 6 tickets, and I'm almost 22. So I guess I have a problem with speeding. 3 of those tickets have been for more than 20 over.
  3. 19, been rolled 1 time, and had a cop come to my door one time (these are just the auto related times) and no tickets
  4. 0..and its a darn good thing since the FHP is trying to hire me.
  5. I've been pullled over probably 8 times since I was 16 (I'm 27 now), and only received tickets 5 or 6 of those times... Mostly for dumb stuff, like 10 mph over the speed limit, or not front plate... It really sucks, but I guess I have to deal with it, since I'm 99.9% at fault...

    Just this past Friday, I was coming home after our dyno day event at Brothers Performance... Just cruising about a block from my house at 45 mph in a 35 zone, when I saw three cars coming my direct in on coming traffic.. The last car was a police officer... well when he got even with my door, he lit up the lights... and proceeded to make a u-turn, but he had to wait for a couple cars that were a few hundred feet behind me... by the the time he finally turned around, I had already made it through the gates of the gated community I live it.. lol.. and hit the garage door opener while I was coming down the street.. slid in the garage, and shut the door behind me... I imagine the police officer was pretty pissed waiting outside the gates of the community... I'm just glad I only drive the car like once a week, and never around my neighborhood... especially since I'm entering the academy next september... (right after I graduate with my BSME)....
  6. Pulled over twice both time I was 17

    47 in a 30, payed it and thats it.

    2 weeks later 100 in a 65, got arrested, then it was dropped.
    I was in wisconsin so Illinois never heard about it and its illegal to handcuff and arrest a 17 yo. Good thing It was close to my lakehouse and my unckle who is a Chief of Polce in illinois was there. So he came and bailed me out as well as ****ed out every cop there for arresting a underage kid. The cop thought I was 18

    Gotta love wisconsin :nice:
  7. 5 times at least i ticket for 47 over, one for 15over and exibition of speed (won that one in court), One for 65 in a 55 (Camaro cop in my GF truck), I have been let off for runing a stop sign i couldn't see because of fog and was going like 10mph, and let of of 40 in a 30 my car was pulled over just past the 40mph sign cop thought i was drunk or high it was late and a school night near a local college.....and i am sure i am forgetting some but i have only gotten 3 tickets 2 of wich i got in my car and 1 of which i got off of.
  8. 21, once in my firebird, 4 or 5 in the trans am-- 2 tickets. Went to school for both (so they were thrown out). A good thing for me as well, because I'm also in the hiring process for the academy.
  9. idk how many times I have been pulled over. I would guess at least 15-20. I am 22 years old. I only have 1 speeding ticket on my record, and that is because I decided NOT to take the class, and instead fight it. Very dumb!

    At a huge gathering of cars (illegal racing), they blocked all three highways just to close us in. But I went to the class, so it was like it never happened.

    Pulled over at least 4 times while driving downtown during Saturday night (big party night usually). 3 times because I didn't "signal soon enough". Funny thing was, I saw the cop behind me all 3 times, but I was so nervous 2 of the times that I was a little late w/ the signal. The third was complete BS.

    All three times, he just wanted to see if I was drunk. They did the "flash the light in the eye" test to me, and I failed those all three times. Blew 0.000% every time. Motorcycle cops = teh lose!!! :notnice:

    The other two times downtown were driving the wrong way down a one-way street. I just got done from walking around downtown, and I parked right next to a one-way street (both times). So, when I got back to the car, I completely forgot, and I went the wrong way in this frickin' ALLEY, so he had me do a breathalizer because I failed the "eye test", as usual. Both 0.000%

    Then, most of the other times were because I was doing burnouts or chasing women down speedway. When I told them I was trying to catch up to some "hot chicks", the officer let me go!!! :nice:

    Can't remember the rest. Too damn many!!

    EDIT: Oh yeah, and once I got pulled over for having 20 people (including me) in my truck (92 full size chevy truck, teh slow V6), while crusing Speedway. Now that was fun. Too bad I was the one driving. Thankfully, they didn't check the ID's of a few girls in the back. Then I would have been off to jail :nonono:
  10. I was just thinking the other day of starting a thread like this

    Im 26 Ive been pulled over between 12-14 times and I have one speeding ticket that I got 3 yrs ago. That was b/c the same cop pulled me over in the same spot 2 wks after he did the first time, he dident let me off w/ a warning the second time. Ive gotten stupid tickets like no front plate, I think total Ive had 3 tickets only one from speeding.
  11. pulled over like 3 or 4 i got a 3 tickets. here is a good thing that happened to me when i got pulled over, i burned out and hit 65 in a 25 but this was late and night and i got pulled over and the cop gave me a ticket for no front license plate, a bad thing was i did a burnout in a parking lot late at night and left, 2 days later i went with my friend to the same parking lot and he did one and we both got tickets for careless driving, nad he was the only one who did a burnout! that ticket was dropped cuz it was a pile of crap!
  12. Nada Zero Never !
  13. 0 times. I couldnt afford the insurance otherwise.

  14. 1 time for speeding... 58 in a 55 lost my liscence for 30 days... was 17... lost them on Graduation day... And said part is I just bought the Mustang 1 day before I lost my liscnece...
  15. 19, probably 10-15 times i have gotten 3 tickets since i was 16.
  16. im 20, been pulled over 3 times, 1 ticket, 2 accidents. No tickets since i had the stang.

    1st i was 17 in my olds cutlass and drove passed a cop without my seatbelt on and he flipped a **** and came after me and gave me a ticket that got thrown out in court.

    2nd i was 18 and got pulled over for my "brake lights" not lighting up after i changed the bulbs out the night before.

    3rd i was 19 in my buick regal and i got pulled over for doing 95 on the freeway and the cop let me go.
  17. I'm 19, I've been pulled about 7 times, mostly for speeding, but one was for running a red light and things like that. No tickets on my record, and never taken any classes, I guess cops are just cool with me for some reason. Outside of pull overs, I've had the police visit my house once when i was 17, luckily, the 'rents weren't home so I talked to him and got a verbal warning for mooning school busses...
  18. I'm 19 and have never been pulled over in the stang. However, my friend used to have a pearl white 80s Monte Carlo with a 350 and chrome wire wheels. We got pulled over at least once a week for many months. Everything from not having mud flaps because the tires stuck out too far, to being accused of commiting a drvie-by the night before. We had more guns pointed at us that summer than Sadaam Hussein in a spider hole. I guess the cops see a black guy and a mexican guy in the car and figure we're up to no good. :D :shrug:
    Oh yea, only got ticketed one time for a burnt out tail light.
  19. man I been driving since I was 15 and yeah when we are young we screw up thats just part of livin and learninIm 42 now and been in my share of wrecks and seen good friends die in accidents so naturally Ive chilled out. However, when you break the law and you know your wrong, Ive always taken my medicine,(blame).but when you pull me over for bulls#$%, thats a different story,read my thread, and lets all be carefull out there, lifes too short.
  20. I have been pulled over twice for speeding. Both times I got a criminal ticket. One was 70 in a 45 and the other was 87.5 in a 65. I got arrested the second time. He thought I have drugs on me because I had a massive amount of valium on me. I explained to him I was bipolar and I gave him my driver license and showed him that they were my prescriptions. I ensured him that I take taking any meds before I drove. So he let me go with just a speeding ticket. The reason I had so much was because I was moving back home from school and I had all the junk from my room. I have also gotten a photo radar ticket going 75-45. I just didn't pay that one.