How many times have you been pulled over?

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  1. 6 tickets.. one was for going 113 in a 50 but i went to court with some fake report of being chased by some guy so they let me off with 2 months probation, 8hrs community service and 6pts... and im 17
  2. I lost count of how many times Ive been pulled over. have also gotten a ticket for tint, the cop pulled me over for no seat belt and gave me the tint to go with it, I HATE TROOPERS!!!!!!!!!!
  3. pulled over twice........ both times I was let go :D :shrug:

  4. Gee I wonder why, maybe b/c you have boobs
  5. I've been pulled over 4 times. Once for me supposedly running a red light. But the thing is the cop ran the red light not me. It was yellow when i was under it lol. I got a ticket but got out of it. 2nd time was for doing an 85 in a 40. But i was heading on an accident scene for my uncle's towing company. The third time my cousin pulled me over in my mom's car near detroit. He acted like i was a drug dealer cuz i was driving a caddy and he knew it was me the whole time he did it to just mess with me. He had me scared lol. The 4th supposedly for suspicion cuz i was taking my uncle home one night when a sheriff says i was driving idiotic even though i didnt break any laws. All in all i dont have any tickets on my record lol.

  6. when I was 15 I was riding my bike and i was leaving a store looked to the left then to the right. nothing to the left and about 150 feet to the right was an 18 wheeler just now coming from a red light so I just go ahead and dart across the road without stopping. I had gone about 100 yards and a cop pulls up beside me and does the little thing with his hand telling me to pull over. I was with a friend so we pulled over :rlaugh: and he took our names and called us in on his little radio and told them our names and what had happened. the way he talked we were like 5 feet infront of the truck

    I should have ran I could have gotten away in the traffic :rlaugh:
  7. well, today on I-90 (local freeway) this MR2 pulls up next to me wanting to race! I know it is a famous cop trap up ahead, so I rev and go... then slam on the brakes, only to have him fly past me doing 90, and sure enough, bike cop starts to pull out, and I'm doing 55 :D oh, great day! and his friend in the car is cracking up laughing at him during this whole thing... I just slowly exit the freeway, and am stopped in traffic next to him, while he's getting a ticket :rlaugh: :lol:
  8. :lol: :rlaugh: :banana: :owned: uhh bump?
  9. Last summer I did same thing to one guy in 89 Mustang GT , this happening on street on red light , I saw cop two block ahead ,he rev up me too ,at green he punched really hard(spinn tires 20-30 ft) I was still on light :D , two second later cop pull him over
  10. thats not very nice to do to a fellow stanger, if someone wants to race at a stoplinght and i see a cop i usealy let them know, but next time it's i ricer i might have to try this trick hahahahaha
  11. Thing is this guy in fox body are a$$hole he talkin s*** about my and 5 other Stangs , thats why I did this , plus this guy was drunk, if he are like me he could see cops but he was drunk :shrug:
    Some time on red light I let goo car a few ft like it's green light than people just hit gas pedal and have red light :D , meybe i'm crazzy BUT i'm not stupid
  12. lol that 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'ing awsome and mean i like it
  13. ok, I know this was probably posted already, but what the crap is all that "kiss me" crap about???
  14. Somebody change my words to "kiss me" this morning , I didn't put that kiss me or meybe if you write a$$hole , they automatic change to some other words
  15. In my mustang once and the Stater said "boy your car sure does get up and go doesn't it" I didn't really know what to say LOL but I have a pretty loud car and he didn't say anything about that so that was cool, he also lowered the ticket :). so far that's the only time I have been pulled over. and I'm almost 22 I have had the mustang for about 2-3 years and I don't drive slow I just know when to speed and when not to ;)
  16. I just turned 29. I've probably been pulled about 10 times, but haven't been pulled over at all in mhy '95. Got two speeding tickets in my old 91 5.0, both on the way to college. The first time I nearly had a head-to-head with a sheriff because this old hag in a dodge next to me sped up and wouldn't let me in front of her after I passed her. She was doing 40 in a 55, I go around her, she sped all the way up to 65 to keep me from getting in front of her. Next thing I know, my fuzz buster has a cardiac arrest, I look up, and the sherriff is coming right at me. I couldn't get back behind her, so I just gunned it, got in front of her, and he lets her go. You think the fact I was next to her for so long wouldl et him know what was happening, but he was a total idiot.
  17. I'm 28, been pulled over 5 times in my life, never in my stang, and luckily not a single ticket out of any of them.
  18. Well Im sure most of you wont belieive me but I am 22 years old and I have been pulled over LITTERALLY 76 times, I am not 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'ting you! Ever since I got pulled over my first time I thought it would be funny to mark on my cell phone how many times I have been pulled over. Well to say the least, 6 years later its not so funny. I just got pulled over 2 days ago as a matter of fact, fo no front plate! Trust me I have been pulled over for EVERYTHING under the sun, and I have 2 tickets on my record and I JUST got both of them. the worst part is that both of them I wasnt even driving my car!Oh well! I get lucky and get good at excuses;)

  19. So true...

    Lots of ppl dont believe me when i say i've never been pulled over (19 years old, 1st car 5.0... ) But, if you know well your area and cops zone, you should be fine... There's places and times to speed :)
  20. First bought the stang in 96' and was pulled over probably 7 times in 2.5 years. License suspended twice and SR-22 insurance. Not proud of it either. Since 99' I haven't been pulled over once.