How much a Shelby gt 500 67' worth

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  1. This is a sad story: 15 years ago my cousin bought a mustang Shelby GT500 1967 to restore. The body are in great conditions no crash or rust excellent dash and wheel condition. The car was painted (excellent paint job) and he bought almost all interiors, lights, chrome and details for its restauration new (more than $18,000 in parts and still in boxes) the car have a 428 cobra jet engine but its not the original engine, the engine is in good condition but because the long time storage it has to be refreshed (bearings, rings, gaskets...). He offer me the car but !!! when the car was in the body shop he had problems with the owner an the owner rip all the bin numbers off the car and left the country. The car is original and I know that it is (is not a clone) but how much the car worth?

    In summary the car is complete and ready to be assembled with all original parts except the engine in not machine number.
  2. isnt there also a VIN # under the fender wall in the engine compartment or something? are all VINs gone, or just the shelby #s?
  3. Thats my coasing said, but the car is almost is two houses after mine so I can check that tomorow. How many identification numbers has the car? and where I shoud look them?

  4. No offense, but where do you hail from? I detect a foreign accent in your typing. As to VINs, I know it's a bit difficult to snag ALL the VINs from a car. I'm not sure where all of them are...

  5. The person to ask is Chepsk8, he is a board member (or is that bored member? :scratch: ) or some such thing for SAAC. He knows ALL about Shelby's, and can even confirm the VINs...........
  6. ShelbyRax,

    Where are you at? I am a SAAC national officer, and have access to the Ford & Shelby VIN's. with the VIN tag gone, you must find a Ford VIN somewhere to verify this car. Where is the title? The bad part about this deal is that if he took all the tags off a real car, chances are he will build a fake, and rip some poor person off, and chances are, legal battles will follow. If you can get me a VIN, I can alert the national club, and hopefully avoid this. It's a HUGE problem we have, fake & "air" cars.

    If this car is real, the value restored has cleared $100K. Genuine & apart, still $35-50K. Un-verified, it's only worth parts, unless someone is willing to take the risk. Verification is everything in this case.

    Good Luck!

    (Even if you are just asking questions, the above info is good to know. We at SAAC have an expansive database on all cars. chances are your's is known.)
  7. Hey fuzzy, thanks for the plug! :hail2:
  8. NP bro....:nice:
  9. OK, no more from him, looks to be another dead end....crapola

    Hit them with knowlege, and then nothing. Seen it before. Ah well.

    On a similar note, the 7500 mile 68 GT-500 I helped sell twice may be at the Barrett-Jackson Auction. If they auction a completely original Red 1968 GT-500 convertible with 7458 miles, I have known that car and driven it, even used it in a magazine article. Could bring HUGE $$$$$......
  10. smoke 'n' mirrors Dan, smoke 'n' mirrors...............:nonono:
  11. Dan, where is that Shelby 'vert presently living???? :eek:

    Oh, wait a minute; the one just a few blocks from my house is restored, to say nothing that you didn't mention it being a KR. Scared me there for a few minutes...
  12. We had one near where I used to live, 68 GT-500KR vert, red, under 35k. Old guy original owner, wont sell it, but has let it sit for nera on 15 years. It was stolen 2 years ago I think, it was recovered, tracked down by a trunklid someone was trying to sell at a car show in Texas. Someone saw the lid was original and started asking quistions. They found it and started calling around looking for someone who was missing a $100k+ car.

    Did I mention that is my dream car? red 68 gt500kr vert? black top/interior...and right now I cant even afford to move my project 400 miles.. :/
  13. Here's something to make you drool!

    This is the 7450 mile (yes, that's ACTUAL mileage) 1968 shelby GT-500 I found 5 years ago, and is currently for sale, and may be on Barrett-Jackson in January. Price is big $$$$$.



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  14. Why is the passenger side scoop a different color from the driver side?

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  15. yeah, is the side scoop and tail light thing in primer?
  16. Hi guys,

    I was out the town so I didn't had a chance to answer the replays before. I was talking to my cousing today and he offered me a price that I can't refuse so I going to buy the car anyway. I still don't know how much it could worth, but I know that is a lot more than I pay for it. Exist a vin number on the chasis but that is the only one becuase all others are gone. My cousin shoud have the car title but I have to verify that information. At least he told me that the car is a real and that's the reason the he expended a lot of money trying to resore it. I know him very well and I know that he is not taking me for a fool, he is a very honest person. I know that the chances to get the vins numbers again are very low but I going to try it anyway.
  17. Side scoop was changed after it was hit by a passing car. Never painted!
  18. Hey Rax,

    If you can find a VIN on the car, send it though.

    Also, in the new Shelby American Magazine, there's a pic of a 68 GT-500 Vert in PR, waiting for attention, a similar story to yours. any relation?
  19. Car Pics

    I get some pictures of the car but I do not know how to paste it in this replay. If someone please tell me how is the procedure I will appreciate:Damnit:
  20. set up an account here:

    upload your pics

    under each picture is 3 lines:


    copy and paste the "Image" text

    most times the file size is OK, but i always use the preview mode to make sure that it isn't TOO big for people with slow internet connections......One of hte reasons i like photobucket is because it is real easy to resize the picture....

    hope this helps