How much a Shelby gt 500 67' worth

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  1. or-

    upload the picture, then where it says Thumbnail for Forums 1, copy and paste that into a post here.

    oh, and how much did you pay for the car? might i ask
  2. car pics

    Here is some pics

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    <img src=""></a>
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  3. thats a '68. wanna sell it to me? or ill trade you :D
  4. I'm just bumping this back up for the pros to comment on. Cheapy?
  5. Validity


    Don't be mad at me, but................

    I am seriously doubting the validity of this car. Based on the interior shot alone, I see three things that are very wrong, and kill the 500 claim. It could be either a 1968 GT-350, or just a modified Mustang. As I have said over & over again, I need proof, serial number on this car, before I will say anything definitive.

    My opinions only, don't flame me.
  6. Let's get our experts involved here, and see who has "eagle eyes".

    List five things you see in the interior picture which make me doubt the car is a real Shelby....
  7. Well it should have an 8K tach, shouldn't it? Also, the clock has been replaced with a cheap guage (not that that nullifies a Shelby claim) and the chrome has been either removed from the pedals, or they're from a rubber-mat special.
  8. Good eyes!

    I think it is a drum-brakes car, as only really good builders would make that change.

    There's more.....Keep looking!
  9. The only other thing that just doesn't seem right in the interior shot is the steering wheel cover. The wood inlay piece seems to be on top of the vinyl instead of being set into it, but it could just be the camera angle. It definitely doesn't have the power brake pedal, although untill you mentioned it I hadn't even considered it would have drums. The only thing on the outside that is missing that even if the car was shaved would be unlikely to be removed, is the hood locks. There aren't any holes remaining for the SHELBY lettering on the front or rear, but that doesn't mean there never were any.

    Throw me a bone! this has been bugging me all morning!
  10. Interior -

    The rest of the dash is black Camera case, only the guage cluster is woodgrain
    No Special Console
    (It does have the roll bar, though)
    Steering wheel is correct, easy to pake, just a new cernter badge.

    On the body, you will notice no fog lamps, and no hardware in the headlight buckets or anywhere else. Other exterior items missing, and something fishy is going on with the side scoops.

    I hate to be so negative on this thread, but this car does not add up without the proof of a matching VIN.

    Just ask Craig Jackson - Documentation is everything.
  11. SR,

    Anything more? Got the VIN?
  12. Although it does have what appears to be the inertia (spelling) reels on the roll bar- which is often something not copied by a low budget clone-

    hmmmm...I say this could go wither way-

    but there are no holes for fog lamps- unless front piece was replaced and the side vents look like they are not fully opened? is that the right word-

  13. Many reasons why I doubt this car. You are seeing more of my reasons.

    As I have said every time.... Let's see a VIN!
  14. **GASP** Gee Dan, you don't think somebody would actually make up a story like this one to try to fool some poor gringoes, do you?:eek:
  15. how much for the dog? :D
  16. Is it a "sheltie 500"?

  17. It does have white stripers errr I mean spots

    and 4 wheel paw brakes-----

    Is that a Snake I see on his dog tag?
  18. If it's a Sheltie, then it can only be a 350.....
  19. And of course, if he isn't neutered then he's got the Drag Pack!

    Edut: But let's not get into that again!
  20. At 11:04 PST seller added this information:

    Runs ruff. When sitting idle it emits a low tone growl with the occasional 'burp' or 'bark' out the intake. Also the exhaust really stinks, but it may just be full of old gas. I think it would be really fast if it could just hook up but the rearend just drops and it leaves an oily slick. It is very safe though - as much as I try I have never had it roll over.