How much can I get for these wheels?

Discussion in 'Wheels Tires Brakes' started by ThePumpkin, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. Im selling my wheels!!
    What is a FAIR price?

    Bullitt wheels from American Muscle. I've had them since feb. 2009. They are flawless. Not a single scratch or ding ANYWHERE!
    2- 17x10.5
    2 17x8

    I have one spare 17x8 also.

    SO.... Whats a good price for all five wheels? Two of the 17x8's have tires on them... but they have almost no tread on the inside from negative camber... so that wouldn't raise the price much. All the other wheels do NOT have tires on them.
    700$???? 600? 500?
    whats a fair price?

    Here are some pics on the car.


  2. Feeler/how much thread - moved to SN95 Classifieds.
  3. wait! don't move it!!!

    I want to know how much I can get out of them.... I was gonna determine a price before I posted them in the classifieds.
  4. Rules be rules, mang. The powers that be say "how much" stuff goes in the classifieds, since it's essentially a feeler, and those looking to spend money know how much something is worth.
  5. Why you wanna sell them? They make your sig look good?
  6. Because Im debating Black Saleen's, or FR500s...
    I just want something different.
  7. rims and tires

    you still have them ?are you willing to ship?do you have price yet?
  8. Sorry for the late response! yes i still have the wheels. I decided on 500 for all four. Although the sale doesnt include tires. and yes i can ship... but the charges will be on you ( I can get a quote from a shipping company of your choice)

    so to ship, 500+shipping....
    These wheels are clean!
    Here is one pic of all four, and a link to a bunch more pictures on my photobucket.
    Pictures by Torch_photos - Photobucket

  9. these wheels sold like 5 months ago...

    please lock!
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Not open for further replies.