How much can I sell her for?

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  1. Well my neighbors absolutley hate me, last august they came over and threatened me and my mom with video footage of me burning out, they claimed that if I keep doing it, they will go to the police. Fast forward to now, the other day I got a temporary 3 day registration and was driving down my street doing no more than 20 mph, when i got back to my house, the same neighbor was video taping me in his driveway. My mom and I then asked why, he got into a insane mood and went ape on us. My mom and I basically told him that I wasnt doing anything wrong. Today a "nuetral neighbor" told me that the whole neighborhood has petitioned and went to the town, they are installing cameras and having regular police "stake outs". As soon as my mom heard this, she told me that I will never drive the car, because they will take it away. Soo right now I need to know how much I can sell it because I dont see the need in garaging it for 2 more years until I move out. Here's the details.

    1966 coupe, Fresh Paint, Red with shelby stripes, Shelby gt350 hood scoop, shelby side scoops, The clear coat is thin is some places, I will respray another coat before I sell. Mexican 302, Powersteering, mild cam, headman headers, H pipe, 2 1/2 exhaust, unknown mufflers, 2 inch tail pipes, Comp cams hardened push rods, 1.6 roller rocker arms, comp cam dual valve springs, manley guide plates, ported and polished, 1.90 Int valves, 1.60 ex valves, Hardened valve seats, Weiand Stealth intake, edelbrock 600 cfm with manual choke, chrome valve covers and air cleaner, Petronix ignitor ignition, 8mm Msd wires, Runs excellent. C-4 with transgo shift kit, B&M megashifter, 3:55 gears, braided hoses. New carpet, new seats, new Headliner, New underdash wiring, new radio, new door panels, back seat has a tear in it. Stock ride hight springs, drag racing shocks up front and back. New Bf goodrich Radial t/a's 245/60/14 in back 225/60/14 in the front, all on Cragar ss's with new center caps and lug nuts. All chrome is good, new emblems, new gas cap, all the glass is excellent.

    thanks guys


    p.s here are some pics

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  3. this may be just a tad carried away. Honestly they wont be able to do much of anything if you drive sane and legal...just keep it cool driving and you wont have to worry
  4. Im afraid this is as serious as a heart attack, and my mom is now believing them soo I cant drive my car until i move out, I really dont want to let it sit, soo I want to sell.

  5. if ya do sell it, before ya let it go, back it up into the insane neighbors driveway and light em up for him to remember you
  6. Believing what...that because you drive the car legal and responsible they can just magically have it taken away? What's the difference between you driving it or a pinto? They could just as easy take away a pinto if thats the with attention paid to your driving...i dont see anything happening.
  7. oh hell yea :nice: :owned:
    I have a old set of michelin xh4's that ive been dying to roast off.

  8. I'd give it a few days to blow over with you mother. Don't sell the car over something so stupid. If your driving normal there will be no problem and nothing what so ever the city, cops, etc. Can do.
  9. ill give you $5 and a handfull of high quality pocket lint :nice: :D
  10. 2 handfulls of the high quality lint and we gotta deal.

  11. hot dang 70mustangcoupe you got it in writing :D :banana: :banana: :banana:
  12. I gotta agree with TireSmknWndsr, this sounds a tad bit out there. If you are not driving like an azz then there is nothing to worry about. They can't take your car. They can impound it if you are arrested, but you'd have to do somethin pretty stupid to get arrested. The same laws apply to your street whether there is a petition or not. The cops aren't going to pick on some kid in a mustang just becasue some neighbors sign a piece of paper. Chances are they'll patrol the area a little more so that everyone will feel all warm and fuzzy, but don't expect a Mustang only road block any time soon.
  13. Yea im not really worried about them taking it away, I know they cant, the only reason I want to sell it is, my mother is being a biotch and says i wont drive it until i move out.

  14. Yea well today my mom hired a lawyer, we'll see how this goes. In the mean time, anyone wanna give me a ball park of what I can see this car going for?

  15. Mike weren't you going to be moving anyways? So why worry bout your neighbors. BTW email me the picts then i'll host them. The attachments are really funky til they get the final versions of vbulletin and can adjust the coding. But I agree petition or not they can't take your car away if you don't do anything wrong.
  16. yea our house has been on the market since august I think, and we just took it off this week, too many picky buyers. Just guess it isnt our time to sell. Im gunna get those pics over to you in a little bit. Thanks obo

  17. A couple of things, it is not illegal for them to be videotaping you from their property. If you do not lite up the tires and leave physical evidence in the street the cops have no cause to arrest you or impound the car as long as you aren't driving up and down the street like a bat out of hell with open headers while the cameras are rolling. It DOES sound like your neighbors are a bunch of pricks, and if I were you I'd borrow a camcorder and tape them, I bet they have a few skeletons in their closets.
  18. are you guys insane? no one can take away his car, except his mom if he's under 18. the cops can't impound it or take it away. all they can do is write him a ticket.

    as for the neighbors, just smile and wave to them. be the better man. buy a money order and pay for porno in their name to be mailed to their house. maybe a magazine with naked men in it for the husband. use a pay phone to call in all kinds of home improvement services for their home. tell the companies you won't be home because you'll be at work. they can just go ahead and start putting the new roof on and send you a bill. or they can just go ahead and start digging for a new septic. or try five different lawn companies (in the spring) on five consecutive days. they are desperate. they will do it w/out ever seeing the actual customer. slip over there at 3 a.m. during a hot summer night and put a dead fish under the seat of their car. call a tow truck company when they are out and a car is in their driveway, have their car towed somewhere. call the mechanic where the car goes and tell him to go banana's on modding the car. or tell them to do a complete tune-up, 4 wheel brake job, four new tires, new exhaust, and if they get it done today, you'll throw in a couple extra c-notes.
  19. This is ridiculous... I've had similar experiences, with neighbors hassling us about working on our cars in the driveway, parking on the street, etc... These were violations of the neighborhood bylaws or some crap, and they regularly called the code enforcement police on us, which was something like a $100 ticket. :mad:

    That said, real cops don't have time to waste "staking out" your ass... and if they do, you should get some local news coverage to point out the wasted use of valuable public services. Its just plain ridiculous.

    Now, if you are in violation of bylaws or real laws, then start complying. If you're doing burnouts in front of your house, then you've demostrated some seriously poor judgement and poor understanding of functional coexistence with others. If you're not willing to comply, accept the consequences and suffer the pain. Otherwise, follow the rules, make good decisions, be civil, and tell your neighbors to go **** themselves.
  20. Well put DB. Rather than playing the victim here, why not accept responsibility for your actions, apologize for driving like an a$$, learn that it is just an unacceptable way to drive, and don't let it happen again. If you are doing burnouts in a residential area, I too would have a HUGE problem with it if I was your neighbor. It is disrespectful and unsafe, if there are small children in the area, they could get seriously hurt. Be respectful to your neighbors and yourself and things will work out...Maybe if you illustrated responsible, mature driving and the fact that you learned a valuable lesson, your mom will ease up and let you keep the car...Maybe speak with some of the neighbors that are lobbying against you and apologize to them, they will lighten up too. The most important thing here is LEARN THAT YOU ARE NOT THE VICTIM IN THIS case. It is your driving that is the problem, not that you own a Mustang.