How much can I sell her for?

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  1. 67GTFastback

    I had a similar problem with a neighbor after bringing home my 2000 GT vert. After a few months we started getting visits from the local code enforcement units after they saw me doing oil changes in the driveway, and other maintenance related activities. In fact, one day I had a few guys over from our local club and I thought my neighbor was going to have a fit because of the cars in the street (I lived on a cul-de-sac at the time) so I told my friends to all park in the driveway and one should park next to the driveway on my lawn for the next couple of hours. We come out later that night and the witch called the cops and the car parked in my lawn had two tickets on the windshield.

    So sometimes adults can go off on us younger stang owners for no good reason, and believe me with the cost of new Goodyear 17" rubber in the back of my mind I wasn't doing anything as foolish as burnouts in my 2000 GT. LEts wait to read what he did before assuming the neighbors aren't the pricks here.
  2. Geeeeez! What kind of neighborhoods do you people live in? Some kind of gated community with armed guards to keep out the riff-raff?

    First suggestion is to move... right now.

    Second... Don't antagonize the nazi neighbors and smoke your tire elsewhere, but don't be afraid of them either. If they are rude to you, let them know it. If they continue, tell them to go suck on a weenie...

    You don't need a lawyer, you need some common sense.

    How much is you car worth? Its worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it. Its your car... your money that went into it... if you don't know what its worth, how should anybody online know? Mustang price guide puts it from $0.00 - $8400.00, give or take a few thousand.
  3. It says in his very first post that the neighbors have video footage of him doing burnouts...
  4. Yea First off, 67GTFastback, Never was I driving like a A$$, I was doing 10-20mph (my car is loud, soo maybe it made it seem like I was going faster, but come on he had me on film!) i did state that they "had video footage" but to tell the truth they are full of complete bs. Ive done about 10 burn outs (non smokers or break stands) in the total of 2 years and none of them have been no where near there house. My freinds on the other hand all drive POS's and cant burn out for the life of them. My neighbors are paranoid, all old bastards and to the tell the truth i would probably laugh when I found out they died. My mother has a lawyer in reserve to write a letter to the town/home owners association, but for now we are waiting for their move. I will never appologize and be the bigger man, because honestly from the sane persons point of view and to my home owners association's codes and laws, I havent come near to breaking any laws. The good part is, the Police are on our side, 2 days ago they came over for another noise pollution call and they were making fun of our neighbors, stateing they were paranoid, and they cant do anything about it. Whatever, the car is still undriveable, Ive been offered 10,000 already, but i dont know. On a lighter note, I made a bet with my mom, that if I can get one of my really shy freinds to go to the prom with a date, I can drive the stang :banana: , but its going to take some serious persuasion into my one friend cus hes just a big *****.


    Just wanted to get it clear that I have done nothing wrong and my neighbors are insane :notnice:
  5. My apologies if you are driving responsibly, but it sounded a little less clear to me in your original post. With that being said, I do not envy your predicament, but if you put that time and effort into your car, I say keep it and store it, if you sell it now and then move out in a couple of years, you may regret it...but that is something you will have to decide for yourself. Good luck and I hope it works out for you.
  6. So I say screw 'em... let them **** and moan and video tape and waste their time. Stick to being civil and legal and ignore them. :nice:
  7. hmmmm...
  8. Mike,
    Personally, I couldn't imagine letting my neighbors, or anyone, pressuring me into doing something I didn't want to do, ESPECIALLY if I was not in the wrong. I couldn't imagine spending money and time on a Mustang just to sell it because some neigbors made a stink. You must not be too attached to your Mustang. If I was in your position, and knew I did nothing wrong, I would let it go for a month - DRIVING THE MUSTANG AS I NORMALLY WOULD - then send letters to the neighbors and Home Owners Association asking them to stop the harassment. I would reference the calls made to the police that resulted in nothing more than your harassment, reference that no one had caught anything incriminating on tape, etc. I surely would never turn tail and run (or sell) something I loved/wanted. On the other hand, if you are not that attached to your car sell it and buy something else, just be prepared to be targeted for something else by the same individuals.
  9. Well put GP.
  10. haha someone has some experience with dealing with nasty neighbors
  11. Yea I'm attached to the car, but honestly I just cant see it sit in my garage for 2 years rotting away. I just want to be able to drive it. My mom called the police and complained about harassment, the camera that was set up in there window has now been taken down, but it seems like they spend more time outside watching and waiting. Anywho, Im just gunna wait this one out. Ill keep ya posted. nvm didnt check my email, thanks obo!