how much could i get

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  1. I found a good donor car for all the GT pieces i need to make a cobra so im borrowing the money from my dad to buy it.. all im using it for is the GT panels which will be replaced by LX... has freakin sweet interior.. door panels and everything are nice.. ash tray door works.. all that.. 5spd.. all it will be missing is a tranny and motor.. everything else is there. What could i sell it for? i've seen cars go anywhere from 900-3500 in rollers.. its kinda rusty on the outside but no holes.. i'd like to know so i can figure a asking price.. i need to get it in and out as soon as possible.. any help or suggestions appreciated..

    PS this is not advertising as I don't even have the car yet, just trying to think ahead
  2. So wait, your selling the GT when your done with it? minus the motor, trans, and body kit??? or your selling ur lx, minus engine and tranny?? im sorry just a lil confused! im tired as ****!
  3. lol selling the GT donor car minus engine and tranny.. it will have all the LX junk on it though
  4. if it's got a nice interior, no rust on the subframes and other vital chassis parts and has a straight body (no collisions or bondo or anything) i wouldn't ask for anything less than 3000 (especially since it was an original 5.0 car) if someone talks you down to say 2500 then there ya go, that's still a nice price right there.

    plus you'll be getting a motor and t5 out of it.

    how much are you buying for? yadda yadda yadda
  5. wow i was gunna say around 1500.. it all depends on how much you take out (interior, wiring, etc) and what condition the stuff left is in.
  6. all that will be gone is GT body parts.. the ground affects.. and moldings.. all of it will be replaced by LX stuff.. it has surface rust but i'll zip it off and spray bomb it.. other than that it'll just be a complete 5.0 5spd car minus motor/trans.. im going to find out tonight but i think i'll end up buying it for 400 bucks
  7. so it wil look like a rolling lx hatch then right? will the parts you replacing be the same color or will the car have to be painted?? i would say if its gonna need paint motor and trans u cant get more then 1000 but if its already the same color..then id say 1500 to 2000..considering all panels are straight