How much did you pay for your 2011 GT?

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  1. My MSRP was 40,275 Paid 36,375 before tax and title fees
  2. Well I paid 38k for my 2011 loaded. 3:73, security package, brembo package, back up cam, leather seats with the white stiching,HID, GPS, white stripe and I think thats all. Plus I paid cash. :D Tax and tag added another 2k oops forgot to mention Lo-jack add too.
  3. 33.268 for the 11.

    Security (must have for HIDs)
    6 speed of course :)
    spoiler delete
    MSRP was 36,705
  4. Mine had an asking price just over 40K but I got it right at invoice just over 36k. Then they thru in a $500 military discount, so really it was a high 35K. It was loaded tho: Brembo, Nav, Security, Comfort, 3:73. I was very happy with my deal!

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  5. Kona blue is awesome. I love the color. IMHO it's the best color:nice:, but of course I'm biased! I love the way it looks with the brembo package rims too. It just looks sweet to me. I highly recommend it. I chose the color b/c I've had 2-red & 2-black Mustangs so I wanted to get something different for a change. I'd seen a Kona blue '11 GT with the brembo's at the Houston Auto show back in February and loved it, thus it became the color I ordered.
  6. I looked at the brembo package today and I noticed something a bit ODD about the tires and how it fit in the wheel well.

    The tire sizes that come on the brembo 9" wheels.

    4.016 inch top and bottom on 255/40/19 tire
    + 19" rim = 27.032 total wheel/tire height

    4.34 inch top and bottom on 245/45/19 tire
    +19" = 27.68 total wheel/tire height

    4.62 inch top and bottom on 235/50/18 stock tire.
    +18" = 27.24 total wheel/tire height

    Now this all seems pretty close. But, when I physically looked at the cars, the brembo seems to have a HUGE gap in the rear wheel wells. Anyone else notice this effect?

    Stocks looked fine. 245/45/19s looked fine. Brembo's looked quite odd. Any pictures of the brembos on yours?
  7. Im going to a dealer at lunch to talk about a 2011 GT Prem with Nav, Back up cam, safety package, etc. Its a black 6spd.

    MSRP is 38,050. My trade in is approx 26 (G37 sport Coupe) and am willing to give them 2.5k down payment to cover negative equit on my current lien. I am eligible for $1500 in incentives. What should I be looking to pay?
  8. If you can get on the A-Plan you can get down to around 29K from 34K. That's exactly where mine ended up. Only catch for the A-Plan is being a family member of a Ford employee.
  9. $37.5 k For X-Plan Pricing (as far as I know, that is NOT a negotiable price)

    Premium GT
    CS Package
    Auto remote Start

    (doesnt include any rebates, which at present time is $1000...we'll see what it is when I take delivery)
  10. I got them down to invoice which was 36,050 from 38,810. Although I will not be taking it because I have to much negative equity (4,500) on my trade in. They offered 25, I owe 29.5. What a shame because I would love to be driving one of these.

    It was kona blue with nav, brembo, hid.

    The dealer seemed pretty hard up and just wanted to move cars. They were actually pleasant to deal with. Guess im stuck with my 95 5.0 as my only 5.0 for awhile.

  11. Correction: Mine was Actually 35,484 (including tag) Before Tax, and before rebate with the options above. That is with Xplan pricing.

    With tax it was 37,614. I put down $1,000 so far, and if the rebate is $1000, I will owe 35,614. Im putting $22000 down, so if Ford sill has 3 years at 2.9%, I will pay $401/mo for 3 years. I may put an extra $100 down just to get the payment UNDER 400 :D
  12. Tower meet up when we both get our new cars!!!!
  13. You're right about the X-Plan price being non-negotiable. You may want to try and haggle the price without using the X-Plan. The sales guys I worked with for mine told me that 9 times out of 10 they can beat the X-Plan price without much trouble.
  14. 2011 Mustang GT
    Premium 401A
    Brembo Brake Package
    3.73 Gears
    Security Package
    Comfort Package

    $34.6 (invoice) then I got the $1000 off. MSRP was $37,170 I believe

    What I did was, got an x-plan pin and went to the dealership, they showed me the x-plan price. I called up a different dealership and told them the price the other dealership offered.. they said they would beat it. It was only like $140 difference though.
  15. Here are some pic's.
    It's up for you to decide if you like it, but I think it looks fine. Also, if you want, you could always lower it.
  16. Thanks for the pics. I have a race red one coming in that I just might buy

    Brembo Package
    6 speed

    They are willing to sell me at invoice. If i can get what I want for my trade, then i think we will have a deal. Id rather negotiate on the trade price harder to get more of a tax savings on the back end.

    I think in the end, all said and done. I can probably come up with 500-1500 under invoice based on the dealerships I have visited so far.
  17. $33,860 (-$10 below invoice) 30 Jul 10

    GT premium
    Rapid spec 401A
    Premier trim w/ color accent
    19" Painted aluminum wheels
    Security package
    Rear Camera
  18. Hey guys. If you live in Texas and you want a great deal on a mustang! I found the dealership!

    My package.
    Premium GT spec 400a
    6 speed
    Brembo Package
    Security Package.

    MSRP 36,705
    Invoice 34,266

    My deal: 32,980.56
    - 1500 (ford financing + rebate)
    Final Price: 31,480.56

    That's 1285.44 under invoice NOT including rebates! Send me a PM and I can tell you where to find this deal!
  19. Just bought a 2011 5.0 California Special Race Red with 6spd, 3.73's, Nav, Comfort Pkg, Security pkg,
    HID's, MSRP was $39,940

    Paid $36,180.


  20. I love my CS package!! Shame they make CA put those ugly license plate holders on the front.