How much did you pay for your 2011 GT?

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  1. I agree 1000%!
  2. Mine is Gt Premium, 401A upgrade, hids, electroncics package, glass roof, brembos, 3.73 gears, accessory package 5, security package. Came out to 43k, but I got it for 36.6 since i ordered it from a military base overseas.
  3. Bump...lookin' for a little more input on this subject :)
  4. Got mine used last week for $32K (no sales tax for private transactions in AZ :nice: ) + a little under a grand for title & 2 years registration

    2011 Red GT Premium California Special
    Automatic transmission
    Glass Roof
    Security Package
    Viper Remote Start
    8,000 miles
  5. Costco price $200 over invoice!
  6. I got my base gt only option was an auto for 26200 with $1500 rebates and $750 coupon.
  7. Just bought a new 2011 GT Coupe. 300A, Brembo Brake Pkg, 3.73's. MSRP was just over $32K. Paid $29.5K, less $1500 rebate, for a net price of $28K before adding in tax & license. So it was about $4K off MSRP...

  8. Mine is a GT Premium with security , 18" polished aluminum wheels, auto transmission, dealer added window tinting, nitrofill in the tires and pinstriping. The sticker was $35,580, I wasn't charged for the dealer add ons. I paid $28,580 before tax title and license.
  9. 2011 GT Premium. Black w/ red interior. Comfort/security packages and 401 rapid spec.

    Was just shy of $34 after TTL.

    Edit: Manual trans
  10. u guys are paying much less than what we pay here in middle east:nonono: , went to local ford dealer last week, found 2011 GT Premium, race red w/ red interior, 3.73 gear ratio, rear view camera, 19" rims. the price for it was about $43K registration and insurance not included :mad: and with insurance it will be around $45K.

    what do you guys think ? the price was a let down for me as i was so excited in getting one of these awesome machines.:(
  11. Hey everyone,

    First time mustang owner and first forum post.

    I picked up a 2011 GT base last night, black, no options for 26,700 and 3.19%

    Glad to be here!
  12. I got my 2011 GT Mustang California Special for 31,000!
  13. 2011GT, MT, 3.73s, Brembos, Just under $30K.
  14. Damn GTfrod...were there any rebates at the time or did you get on a special plan? Just priced out a '12 GTCS for 35k today.
  15. PM sent.
  16. Bump...Can anyone reccomed a place in and around Dallas? Thanks
  17. As I recall, the invoice on mine was about 38.5k. Before I sat down to deal the price had droped 3k. It is a GT premium, 6spmt, Brembos, Security package, Comfort package, rear view camera, HIDs and 3.73s. When all was said and done, I had negotiated the price down to 25.8k. :D :D :D.....:D.......:D

    Of course, I had a trade, 1.5k rebate and an extra thou down. :D
  18. First post from a soon-to-be first-time Mustang owner. My dealer is quoting me $35,700, with an MRSP of $40,065, for a 2011, GT Premium, HIDS, Shaker audio, Brembos, 3.73, security package, comfort package, manual, decklid panel, hood & side scoops, and 1/4 window louvers.

    In fact, it has pretty much everything I told him I wanted except a glass roof, which is, I think, going to be a deal-breaker for me. Which is kinda too bad, since it looks like this is a pretty good offer.

    Also, I realized earlier today that the Brembo's are too large for the wheels I want - 18" Black Bullitt Motorsports - so I'm going to ask him to look further out to see if he can find a glass-roofed '11 without the Brembos (he searched a 100 mile radius to find this car).

    If not, I'll likely go with a '12.

  19. That sounds like a high MRSP for that car. All premiums have a Shaker audio. Are you talking the Shaker 1000, but even that, I don't think, would put the car over $40,000.
  20. Base Car - 3,285
    Sec Pkg - 395
    3.73 - 395
    HID - 525
    Comfort Pkg - 595
    Brembos - 1,695
    Skaker 1000 - 1,295
    GT Coupe Acc Pkg #1 - 720
    GT Coupe Acc Pkg #4 - 750
    Delivery - 850
    Total = 40,065

    This is both my first new car purchase and my first true sports car, so it's possible I've misread or misunderstood something.... do you see anything amiss?