How much did you pay for your 2011 GT?

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  1. Didn't realize the Brembos were that much. I could live without them and the Shaker 1000. The Shaker 500 works just find for me and is standard. That's almost $3,000 right there I could eliminate. I also don't like the HIDs.
    Bottom line, I could take about $4,000 off the sticker and still have a great car. With incentives, etc. and X plan price, you could actually get a car for under $30,000. But, hey, if you like all that stuff, then that is great.
  2. 2012 GT Premium, Black(wanted Gray), 401A option, 8 cyl, 6 speed, RR Security Pkg, 3.55 rear, Comfort, Brembo.

    $35k and change Minus any rebate at the time of delivery.
  3. 2012 GT Premium, Black(wanted Gray), 401A option, 8 cyl, 6 speed, RR Security Pkg, 3.55 rear, Comfort, Brembo.
    $35k and change Minus any rebate at the time of delivery.
  4. Looked at an 11 base gt black with the only option of 3:73 gears.msrp is $ with rebates,sales rep said there were 2 offers currently out there that each took off $1k.if i could get an xplan pin,i think i could get $4k off total,2k with incentives and 2k with xplan.thinking about heading back and making the proposal.
    They also have a 2012 kona blue coming in this week which is a base model with no options.the msrp on that one is 29995.I think there is only a $500 dollar incentive for that one.I prefer to have blue over black,so i'm on the fence.
    my 07 now is a premium,so i'm not sure how i feel about giving up the look and feel of the leather.but it has 55k miles on it and no warranty,so i'm thinking zero miles and no worries for next 5 years :)
  5. hey wanakanabe, go to ford's website and request a few brochures. When they arrive one of them may have a $750 personalized coupon. Also, threre are a couple ways to get an X-Plan PIN. First, check with your employer to see if they are a Ford partner if so you can get one that way (easiest way). If not then you can look at either joining the Mustang Club of America for $50 or buy 100 shares of Ford stock and hold it for a few months.
  6. Thx Kat,I didn't know they were still doing that!I Joined and requested a pin,if I don't hear back from them,I am for sure going to join MCA.
  7. Just got a 2011 Black GT/CS Premium with Comfort, HID, Security and 3.73 for $32,425, more than $2k under invoice.

  8. I got an x plan pin but looks like some of the dealers are discounting the 11's already.I got a quote from 2 different dealers that beats an x plan price i tried to buy a car with a couple days ago.
    I sent for the brochure,some say it takes up to 2 weeks to get it.I would of joined MCA with or without the pin,was just a nice bonus.I probably get a better deal if i used it with a 12 but a nicely discounted 11 would suit me just fine. :nice:
    I was looking at a base GT as mentioned above but i made a mistake and went and looked at a GT Premium base,needles to say but i couldn't bring myself to buy just a base after sitting in the premium. :D
  9. A few dealers in MN have 2011s going for over $5k off sticker, advertised right on the website, no hassle.
  10. You'd better stay away from the California Specials then. That interior is even better :drool:
  11. 2011 premium GT with the 401a package. $34,090 msrp Paid $29,300 after all rebates and brochure coupon. Ford just added the 5Yr./100K Mile Retail Powertrain Care ESP to their list of rebates/offers on the 2011's so I got that included for free too.

    Could have got it a little cheaper in Denver but my local small town dealer up north came way down in their price to make the deal so had to go with them. Better to keep it local. Pick the car up tomorrow morning, can't wait!
  12. Took delivery of my 2011 GT Premium on 3/16. Sticker was 37k and change with a sales price of 32k and change including the 1,500 Ford incentives. Mine had a few upgrades but nothing too serious. My goal was a 2011 GT Premium and manual transmission and I achieved that.
  13. I wish i had seen this ESP rebate thing,i bought mine last week and i can't find this rebate info anywhere.Only thing on the Ford or Edmunds are the cash and apr's
  14. Duece212- other discounts???

    Car ordered 4 weeks ago. I've only have the $750 coupon. Let me know where to look for those other discounts.

  15. Hey all I had a quick question. I had previously been looking at Corvette's and there are several well known Vette dealers across the nation that just offer dynamite pricing on their inventory.

    I have tried to search but didn't know if there were any well known Ford dealers, known for Mustangs? I have no problem dealing local, but if I could get more (i.e. HIDS, and Nav) at a bigger dealer somewhere else I would be willing to fly. Anyone know of any dealers like this?