How much did you pay for your 96-98 Cobras?

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  1. Conducting a little survey: How much did you pay for your 96-98 Cobras? How much was the previous owner asking? What was the mileage/condition/extras? And where did you find it? Feel free to post some pics of your Cobras too! :nice:
  2. In 1999, I purchased my car at a local ford Dealership. Excellent condition when bought-32.000 miles, with extended warranty-$19.000
  3. Paid $16,000 for mine with 26k miles back in early 2001 from a friend of a friend in NJ.

    Buy mine now please!! I need to sell it...
  4. 1997 Triple Black SVT Mustang Cobra Vert / $13,000 / 39,000 miles / bought in NY in Nov. 2003

    Custom Paint
    BBK Catted H
    Flowmaster American Thunder Catback
    B&M Short Throw
    New Vert Top
    17x9 Chrome Replica Cobra Wheels
    K&N drop in filter

    I love my car!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  5. 96 cobra

    I paid 8800 for my 96 cobra with 79,000 on it and 4.10s and magnaflow cat back
  6. I payed $12k for my 96 mystic last may. It was stock, 65K miles, and in good shape.
  7. I spent a year looking for a Cobra. Finially found the one that I wanted (Lazer Red with black cloth int.) on a Saturn dealership lot. She only has 14K on the clock and looked very clean. Went in and talk to a great sales lady who took me for a test drive. Or at least she held on for a drive. When we got back the manager told me that he had the car on special. After all was said and done, she was 19K out the door. With no money down. That was in Oct. 2001. I paid her off last month. She is all mine now. :D

  8. Paid 13 K for mine a year ago, @ 24 K miles.
  9. I paid 14.5k in may '02 for a '96 laser red, black leather interior with 19k on the clock.

    Only mods were lowering springs and 3.73's.
  10. Paid $13,900 for my '97 June of '02. It had 37k miles. The extras were: a Borla XR-1 catback, Bassani Xpipe, Eibach Prokit, KYB AGX shocks/struts, and a K&N Filter.
  11. bone stock 96 w/black and tan interior. 53,000 on the clock last july for 13k
  12. Basically what I said.
  13. Paid 14,500 for mine in March 2002. He was asking 16,500. Had 37K and about 2 grand invested in aftermarket parts when I bought it.
  14. $21K back in '98 w/ only 9k miles...
  15. Bought mine in Aug 2001 and paid $16,500 with 35k on it...Owner was asking $17,500...
  16. I paied 23K for my 98 Vert in Nov 2001
    Came with a SC, Weld wheels, springs, a Steeda Tonneau & Tri Ax.
    Had 24,500 on the Odo.
  17. I paid 10,400 for my 96 cobra vert. 75k miles. Excellent condition. :spot:
  18. Paid 14.5 for my 97 triple black about a year ago. had steeda spoiler and cobra r rims.... had 63k on the speedo at the time... I also got a 15k mile powertrain warenty which has just paid for itself since i am getting a new tranny :D

    I will post a pic when I get home...
  19. i payed 20,000 incuding ford esp. in 1-19-00. On a 98 laser red, black leather, and new BFG's. with 10,000 miles
  20. I paid 17,900 in 02' for my 98' with 16,900 mi from a chevy dealer, she is laser red / black leather and was stock except weld in flows, and a k&n.