How much for a shell?


May 13, 2003
Central Jersey
I'm getting rid of my '93LX. The trans is shot and the motor has about 180K on it. The car has almost NO rust, and its obviouslly not twisted beacuse its a 105HP four banger. I'm going to sell it as a shell beacuse thats pretty much all its worth, Plus I can use the DIS parts off of it and put it on my '88 2.3T. I got one offer already for 500 bucks in New Jersey. The lowest I wanted to go was 650. Paint is good on the car, but both fenders have a few dents on em', Interior is clean as hell, and I have a bran new winsheild installed.

How much should I let this car go for?
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You'd better take the $500 and run, it is not worth anymore than that, as it is not tubbed out with narrowed rear axle , or rollcage welded in or any other race mods on the frame, chassis or body. It is bone-stock and I have seen vintage muscle-era rust free cars go for less as rolling chassis.