How much for the 2006 Cobra

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  1. Hey guys I was just wondering what the expected price for the 2006 Cobra was going to be?

  2. I'm guessing around 35k
  3. $35-37K for the coupe and $41-43K for the Vert. I'm sure these numbers will be after the car's been on the market for a few months.
  4. With the current engine $35K for the coupe

    With the S/C 5.4L from the Ford GT $40K-$45K
  5. I don't think ford is gonna let the coupe hit the $40K mark. Thats to close to vette price.
  6. But the whole argument is the cobra will be competing against the corvete. 40k for a vette? Wow they are going or 50k+ in washington
  7. THe next Gen lightning is most likly getting a 500HP 5.4L S/C V8 and will probably jump $10,000 in price. One would think that if the Cobra is getting the same engine as the Lightning and similar upgrades to handle the extra power, it would see a similar price increase. THe Vette price starts at $44K, I think Ford will keep the cost under this price. Performance cost money.
  8. ford would lose cutomers if the price went alot higher than usual. not everyone can afford a 40k dollar car. part of what makes the mustang so attractive is the price:)
  9. If you've read articles here in the last 10-15 days, ford has said it is moving the SVT brand to a more upscale image. With that said, if the 06 cobra is indeed 500 HP from the factory, expect to pay $40-45K for the coupe.

    If Ford builds this car, it will sell every one during the first production run, just like the 03 cobra that jumped dramatically in price.
  10. I haven't read any recent articles. I was just thinking about the economics of a price jump. So, is ford trying to compete at the corvette level? maybe if i read the articles it would answer that;)

    all i know is... 40K is alot of money, so..i won't be buying one.
    sad face:(
  11. Time to start looking for a 03,04 Cobra.:D
  12. Not if you like the 05 style more.
  13. I like the 05 style. But it again seems that if you want great power out of the box you gotta get a Cobra. You can do it with a GT, but alot more involved and cash consuming. And from the looks of it the 06 might be out for me.
  14. Not to be a smart ass. But, of course if you want more hp you go to a cobra. 300hp is a pretty good figure. Considering the current gt is what 260hp? Thats a 40hp increase. If anyone actually expected the concept engine to be the real production motor. Was just plain dumb.
  15. There's a 130HP difference now between the GT and the Cobra. The new Cobra is expected at 500HP in 06. I can't believe they can't give you 325-350 in a 05 GT. If you think back to the 80s when you could get a Formula with a Tuneport 350, the same top gun as the GTA. Wheres the GT optional motor? For those who can't afford a Cobra And actually want a decent platform to build upon. What about a N/A Cobra motor in a GT. The Mach doesn't count because the only forged part is the crank "if" you buy the manual, correct me if I'm wrong.
  16. And the Cobra is going upscale. Whichmeans there is more room for other in-between models. Just because chevy does something does not mean Ford needs to. When was the last time a mustang had an optional motor? Why shouldn't the mach count. Just because it doesn't have the forged internals. That makes it a less expensive motor. And considering all the people whining about possible added price. Then they want a 400hp gt for V6 prices. And lastly how do you know the 05 is not a decent platform to build on? I haven't seen any on lots for people to buy and mod yet..
  17. When I meant decent platform I was referring to the current car. The Mach doesn't have forged internals except the crank on a manual car. Which means its just like a GT with four valves and able to make more power. But I would think have the reliability of a GT when certain numbers are reached. Yeah its less expensive, but doesn't have the bottom end which counts. The Cobra is going upscale, what to compete with the Vette. I don't think most people, even on this forum would pay 41 to 43 thousand for a Cobra when you can get a new C6 for that money IMO. And from what I hear the Vette will have a 3-valve motor too making 450HP.
  18. Yes the motor is only reliable up to a certain level. How much hp do you want? There are some pretty powerful gt's out there without digging into the motor. So buy an 03 cobra motor without the s/c if you can find one. Maybe i am just misunderstanding you. But it's less exensive because it doesn't have the forged internals. Are you saying it should have forged internals with no price increase? What a corvette is supposed to go for and what it does are 2 different things. There is a dealer not far from where I live that had base model c5's for $50k.
  19. Ford should give people the Cobra alacarte. Alot of people might not want the IRS, make it optional. That goes for the blower too. Sell the car to the masses. I think alot of GT owners would buy a car like this from the factory, the forged bottom end, the look of it,and allow it to be personalized. People might want it. The car would be easier to buy. It takes the fat out of the car. And as for the Vette here- no money down, $550 a month brand new anyone you want.
  20. It would be nice if they offered a lot of options. But as posted here and everywhere Ford has gotten away from that as it increases costs to modify everymustang to an individual driver as it goes down the assembly line.