How much for the 2006 Cobra

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  1. To be honest with you all here, I hope that the Mustang GT and Cobra NEVER gets the same refinements that the Corvette has. If it does, it will be priced beyond affordability. I am happy enough with a car that's $23K and I would want this car to stay affordable. I think that many others in here feel the same way as I do. The Corvette is a sports car. The Mustang is a musclecar/pony car. The Corvette is a 2 seater. The Mustang is a 4 seater. Let's not compare or even try comparing these two vehicles because you are comparing apples to oranges. The people in here who are always trying to compare the Corvette with the Mustang are doing wrong by saying this. Keep the Corvette separate from the Mustang. PLEASE.
  2. Sorry but some people just can't get over it.
  3. hmmm, last time i checked, mustangs had no problem selling...

    the mustang is based on the fact that its performance for the average joe, putting too much emphasis on expense kills the spirit of the mustang.

    that being said, i think it would be interesting for the cobra to compete with the vette, put it in the vettes price range and go after them, im sure if they are produced on a limited run they will have no problem selling every one of them.

    but honestly, what person in the market for a vette would even consider going over to the ol' ford dealership and looking at the mustangs? my guess would be none. i mean, if you are interested in a GT do you go down to the dodge dealership and look at the neons just because they now run neck and neck with the GTs? no, why? cuz its "just" a neon and to vette owners a cobra is still "just" a mustang.

    all a $40k + cobra is going to do is alienate upper 20 and 30 something buyers, which is the cobras demographic, they are screwing with their target audience. and you know what? another company will come along and scoop them up be it with a new camaro, firebird, charger or whatever and the cobras, if overproduced, like the 03, will sit on lots with their 40k price tags collecting dust.

    if ford insists on this route then they need to give us a GT with some balls, 350-390 horses n/a should suffice i would say. or offer more options, engine, rear, tranny etc. blower option? n/a option? why not? keep the V6 were it is, thats the mustangs bread and butter, affordable power and styling.

    point is, if you are gonna put a cobra out of my reach, which it will be, give me a GT i can be proud of, and not something thatll run with defunct competition(camaro/firebird) otherwise, see the demise of the mustang. at least in the V8 RWD model, ford must really be out of touch if they are choosing this route. i want to see the return of some competition, firebird, camaro, charger, whatever give us something to make ford wake up. a 300 hp GT just aint gonna cut it.
  4. Where are you seeing the $40k for a 06 cobra. The gt hasn't even been priced. I also have seen the 03 cobras for $40k. But people are getting $29k and under in other states. Why are you blaming Ford for the $40k prices. It's the dealer that sets the prices. The 390 hp gt would be the 03 cobra option. And it's at the prices you are complaining about. 300hp is a great thing. It's certainly more than you have now. how do you figure any competition will "wae ford up" people here are constantly complaining that the gt was slower than an f-body. Ford obviously knows what it's doing with the mustang. That's why it's still around. And the more powerful f-body and all other competition is dead. What would you be willing to pay for a new gt with all those extra option you want?
  5. They already have the acceleration and the interior would take a little work but it wouldn't be impossible to pull off. That would be extremely feasible for Ford to put out a Cobra with C6 Vette acceleration and a world class interior at 80% of the Vette's price tag. And I truly think they'd sell more of them than they would if they had a car with the same acceleration and price tag of a Vette but without the improved handling and image. The Vette will always be America's premier sports car. The Cobra will always be a gussied up pony car with tons of power. Not comparable IMO.
  6. Huh I think you typed that wrong. "And I truly think they'd sell more of them than they would if they had a car with the same acceleration and price tag of a Vette but without the improved handling and image" If it has the same price tag without all the features it isn't going to sell more.

    Look all things said and done. The fact nobody can argue with is this. Ford has been doing it right. Since the beginning of the mustang. You may not agree. but the sales figures show the proof. Mustang sales have almost always been greater than the competition. Doesn't matter what body style. Just because a bunch of young people think that it should have 400hp and be $18k doesn't mean it's going to happen. If those same people are disappointed. So be it. Take your data on how much better the sales will be. And give it to Ford. Make a sound business case for it. If you can. Than I am sure Ford would be willing to build it your way.
  7. i believe they will continue the living legends idea with a boss variant. and just like now where the mach 1 has earned its rightful place.
  8. ok your logic here is a little backasswards, first the 40k + price tag will be sticker price for a cobra with either the blown 5.4 or the new 5.0, there is no way it will sticker at 34-35, just cant happen, thats not including idiotic dealer markups which will put it beyond regular peoples range.

    and 300hp is not "more than i have now", i have an 01 cobra, last time i looked 01 cobra=320hp

    now look, the cobra crowd is a niche market, mostly late 20 to 30 something year old males, like myself and most of the people on here that own cobras, guys like me will be looking for a new car by 06. i dont want a "300hp" GT why would i? and now a super cobra is out of my range, now lets say the camaro is reintroduced or we get a charger or something along those lines for the 29-35k im willing to spend what do you think im gonna buy? and where are the cobras? either in a rich kids hands, an old mans garage or on the lots collecting dust, in a few years the cobra and svt will be dead.

    and for a gt customized the way i would want? 35k, why not offer a base GT at 300hp, then have special editions or engine/tranny options?

    ford will wake up when the cobra dies, gm's mistake was they designed the car around the engine/drivetrain, and they were ugly, period. if gm gets it right this time and goes for some retro 69 camaro look and the engine to match at the right hp and price, cobra look out. and the ones thatll suffer will be poor guys like you and me who only wanted an affordable, powerful mustang.
  9. Here is how I am thinking about it. The '06, depending on features will be $40+ if they do go to 500hp and better interior and quality (we'll see). But how many people are willing to pay that much for a mustang? Doesn't matter if it's a Cobra. Look at the '03, performance went up and so did price, and now what? They are rebating them and inventory is high, I don't care what Ford says, they built too many and charged a lot. Everyone agrees that the '03 is the best Cobra built out of SVT, and they are having to rebate them? If Ford Goes mid $40's they will end up sitting on them, people won't pay that for a Mustang, maybe you and I will or people that are enthusiasts but with all the options for vehicles and Ford's ****ty quality reputation, I doubt it. So wait for late '06 or '07 and they won't be as expensive.
  10. How is my logic backwards? Again with the $40k this is only speculation. Which dealer have you gotten this price from? Certainly with the Cobra not being out for another year it is not Ford. I have never stated what I think the price will be. I have erely argues against the speculation. You have no confirmed engine choice. You are even basing the engine choice on speculation. But I will start by disecting it a little. The blown 5.4 is in the current lightning. Which indeed sells for less than $40k. You are speculating on a car that has not yet been produced out of your price range. And if they keep true to the Cobra's history it will again not be. As you have said it could be enough to kill the Cobra.
    You forget that the 300hp is more than the current gt. Which is as you stated twice. As being not enough. I have seen nearly as many 40 year olds driving Cobra's as i have seen 20-30 yr olds. And I believe the demographics of the Cobra sales holds that to be true.
    They will have special editions. Look at the mach and the bullit. They have sold with enough success to make Ford look at building more. Although I have not heard any confirmation so Ford definately building one would only be speculation at this time.
    You and I will ultimately disagree on the camaro. Because I firmly believe that the ugliness had little to do with the death of it. Although yes it was UGLY. It was the fact that Gm gave up on it and nearly every rwd car. Also since 72 the camaro has gotten an updated body style once a decade. Those 2 factors are what I believe to be most of the reasons it died. As for your hopes of it being retro. Somewhere on stangnet I read about an interview with Bob Lutz of GM saying he hated the retro look. So I personally don't think it will happen. But i did like the retro looking design that has been floating around.
  11. If you read closer to some closeups the GT will retail for about 30 thousand. So where does that leave the 06 Cobra. With the estimated 500 + HP it won't be 34-35 thousand. Expect the Cobra to be out of reach for most. If the Corvette was slower and the same price as I've said before, people would take the Vette.
  12. But again do you see any confirmed prices. Which is my whole point. About $30k is not an eact number. And what kind of gt are they talking about? Fully loaded or stripped down? There is far too many variable to be making statement on a cobra when the exact prices on gt's aren't out. That's all I'm trying to say.
  13. It was in the HOT ROD thread, sad to say those pics are gone. They said the car would be around $30k. That has to be for a fully loaded car. Thats more than $6k now for a GT coupe. Anymore would kill the car. You said yourself that SVT was going to become a niche market brand. Almost sounds like the BMW M series. Like stated before put the Cobra in the Vette price league regardless of HP, most people will choose a Vette.
  14. Try going t Ford's website and building a car. I got a 2004 gt to $28,100. And that was without the $895 autotranny option. Then tell me that's $6k more than the current gt. The current gt coupe starts at $24-25k. Putting options on it builds up quickly.
    Yes I have stated it would become more niche market. But where did I EVER quote a price on it? I try not to even speculate on a engine. Let alone a price.
    I have never said put the cobra in vette price range. I am completely against that. Most people would definately choose the vette.
  15. I never said you did. The Cobra has to stay close to where it is now regardless of niche or not. And that comes down to engines and options. You go to a dealer and look and talk price. Where I live you can get a GT for $24-$25K. The only Mustang here which is high are the Mach1 and Cobra. The high end models.
  16. I agree it should stay close to the price it is now. Ok in your area you can get a gt for $24-25k. But optioned out that is not what the Ford website says. And I do not know if any magazine goes to your dealer and asks for a price. From what I have seen and heard they go with the numbers the manufacturers gives them. And that is why I went to the website. I have a problem with people saying what the price is going to be without any real info. It might be $40k but that is a "might" The post I have responded to stated.

    "the 40k + price tag will be sticker price for a cobra with either the blown 5.4 or the new 5.0"

    The statement "will be" is not an opinion. For that the statement would have to be "In my opinion the price will be". People are entitled to their opinions that is the great thing about america. And I try not to argue against opinion. But this was stated as fact. With no proof backing it.
    I get frustrated when people here take everything they can possibly assume as fact. The "leaked email' was proven to be crap. It does not weigh 3800lbs. But I am sure you may have seen how many people quoted it as gospel truth.
  17. all i know is that i would like to see the big v-10 boss make it into production as a optional powerplant for the gt's, i think that would save ford from having to worry about upscaleing price gap for potential buyers of the future cobras. i mean lets face it ford has had it's nitch in the performance car sector for years and they have offered some serious bang for buck, and as a consumer you will go with there flow. i don't think anyone will have a problem obtaining the car that fits there needs from ford!imop :nice:
  18. First of all, I want to start off by saying that $25K-$26K for a current 2004 GT is way too much money. I know for a fact that up here in my area you can get a brand new 2004 GT for around $21K-$23K fully loaded with the Ford rebates. And Cobras are going for around $29K-$31K depending which Ford dealer that you go to. Down in places like Florida you can get a brand new Cobra for under $30,000 and a brand new GT for $21,000.

    Ford needs to keep the 2005+ GT affordable. And this means that the new 2005+ GT should be priced between $22K-$25K and NO MORE than that. If Ford starts raising their prices on the new 2005 GT's, then it will be priced beyond the range of affordability for most people. Let's be serious here. Who would want to spend $26K-$30K for a new 2005+ GT? It will not be a good thing if the new 2005+ GT's are more than the current 2003/2004 Mustang GT prices. I am very much afraid that Ford will do something stupid like this. I would like the Mustang GT prices to remain affordable and not go into the Mustang Cobra price range. If the new 2005+ GT's are going to sell for $26K-$30K it's going to be very hard for lots of people to be able to afford a car like this in this price range. I think that most in here will agree with me about this. If the new GT is too expensive then most of us in here will have a hard time being able to afford this vehicle.

    Ford, PLEASE keep your prices reasonable for the 2005+ Mustang GT. Keep the price UNDER $26K or at least NO MORE than $26K. And it will be nice for Ford to continue having REBATES on the Mustang like it has in the past. This way we can all be able to afford the Mustang and Ford can build more units of this car and sell more Mustang GT's.
  19. Ron J. I am sure it is true that you can get the gt cheaper than what i have quoted from Ford. But the magazines are getting numbers from ford's website. Which does not take into account rebates or any other type of discounts and is strictly the MSRP. Which is "suggested" price. not real world. What the so what the magazine says will be around $30k for fully loaded one. Is right about Ford's published numbers for a fully loaded gt. i don't think we have to worry about it too much. I could be wrong. But IMO I think Ford understands the mustangs market far better than we do. They have done the study groups and the research. We have speculation, opinion and innaccurate polls.
  20. I just hope that the new 2005/2006/2007/2008 GT's are going to be priced reasonably. If Ford boosts up the prices on them beyond $26K then they will be rather expensive to buy. I would like to see the prices be reasonable and for Ford to continue having rebates on these cars. If the Mustang GT becomes overly expensive fewer people will be able to afford it. The current prices on the 2003/2004 Mustang GT's with the rebates are reasonable.