How much for the 2006 Cobra

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  1. ok svtdriver i see your "assumption"/"opinion" point. nonetheless, the 06 cobra will be moving into the 40k price range, especially with a blown 5.4L. can you justify it not going there especially with all this corvette talk? its already a 35k car, this is a total redesign using the GT(40) engine, come on, man, wake up! Ford has already decided that svt will be an "upscale" brand, and if they are going after the vette, there will be an upscale price, that is not speculation, technology, development, power all cost money which will undoubtably be passed on to the consumer. that is basic economics 101.

    do i have a sheet in front of me showing the price in front of me? no.

    but i also cant prove the earth is round that doesnt mean it isnt, its just common knowledge and a little common sense.

    back to my original thesis, if ford goes after the vette and moves the cobra into the 40k price bracket, the cobra will die.

    or svt will have to scale back which would be embarassing.

    cobra is a great car, for what it is, a corvette it is not, two different animals.

    the cobra dominates its niche moving out of that niche is called biting the hand that feeds you.

    put that car too close to vette price and vette customers arent gonna go look at mustangs, mustang customers are gonna go see what they could have for a few bucks more at the chebby dealership

    and yes this is speculation only, but like i said, some things are just common sense.
  2. SVT Ford has come out and said they are moving SVT products upscale in the market and that includes price. THAT is why people are saying Ford isn't going to keep that same old formula from the past. It may still have the insane performance but their comments lead people to believe that the price won't be as low as it is now. I'd love to provide Ford with some market research but alas I'm not rich and thusly I can't do such things. If anyone thinks the public will buy a Cobra with Vette acceleration but without it's other benefits for around the same price as a Vette....then sorry to say they will be disappointed.
  3. Finally some people that agree with my "opinion".:D
  4. Im just gonna apologize about my last post. Me and my girlfriend broke up (out of nowhere) a few hours earlier and I lost my job at the Ford dealership, all because of one of my fellow employees/"friend". So lets just say i was venting my rage by demanding a fast car, that I can't afford anyways. Life sucks then you die :shrug:

    I did actually have a point somewhere in there tho, it just didn't come out, neways my point was:
    Plates (and insurance) for my '91 Z34 "BMW killer" are 685 dollars a year, and plates for my 1986 2.3L Mustang "electric scooter killer" are 700. (the Z34 plates actually would be even cheaper if it hadn't been in a few accidents/drunk driving incidents, the Mustang plates are more because it is a "sports car")

    Basically im just saying that the Mustang is expected to be fast (IE having corvette's pull up beside me wanting to race while im in the beasty 2.3) and in my province you pay for that. I want the Mustang to be as cheap as possible too, if the 2005 V6 had 200hp and cost around 15,000(canadian :rlaugh: ) that would be ideal, i know its not possible, so I figure, i can't afford the new one anyways, why not make it as expensive as possible :rolleyes: . And by my whole make the Mustang compete with the Corvette I was referring to the SVT Cobra, not to the GT. The GT should be in the 35-40 range(or lower) and the Cobra 40-55 (depending on the level of performance). imho Ford needs an affordable performance car. Anyone who says the GT40 is competing with the corvette should check the price tag... The GT40 is competing with Ferrari, just like it did back in the days of Le Mans.

    PS: plates for my cousins LT1 T/A are 595 every three months :canflag:
  5. If you don't have the sheet in front of you . Then no it's not common sense. yes svt is going upscale. But nowhere is anything stated that it's going another $5k upscale. I am not saying in will not be $40k. Just pointing out how many people are making statements of fact without any real facts. We just don't even know what is going to be upscaled. That could mean a completely different interior or or just recaro seats. It ould be different body panels or a coplete carbon fiber body. And the rest of your post supports the reasons they should not make it $40k. Here's the deal. if you had said in your opinion it will be $40k. I would have said you could be right. But you state it as fact and then in the last post nearly half is reason they against the increase.

    You don't have to be rich to do market research. It about having a lot of people get lots of opinions and then compile the information. Ford looks at sites like these for the research as well as doing it on the street level. Why not start a thread on the topic asking peple not for their opinions only. But to go get names of other people with opinions.

    Platinum. Sorry about your luck. I've gone through the same not too long ago. You're getting ripped on plates. I'd buy a bike before paying thoe prices.
  6. Hey SVT, I went to McCarville Ford here on the Island today. he's not my "dealer". No money down $325.00 a month on a new GT with a auto. And why was I there my friend who has a C5 was interested in one to lower his monthly payments. Car was fully optioned.
  7. That's cool. I wish I was paying that low for a car. $472
  8. (IMO) I think that the 30k price tag for a fully loaded GT coupe maybe correct b/c I believe there are going to be alot more options for the car.
  9. sounds like someone is in some heavy denial
  10. yes but maybe you will come to your senses. Or were you one of the ones saying it was going to be 3800 lbs. And by the way. It wasn't until the earth was proven round that it became common knowlege. until then it was just as the cobra price speculation.
  11. PlatinumDevil,

    The new Mustang should NOT be at the $35K-$40K price level. Where in the hell did you get this $35K-$40K price range from? The new Mustang GT should be NO MORE than $26K. If it goes up anymore than $26K, it will be overpriced and less affordable for many people in here.

    And the Cobra Coupe should be at the $35K-$36K level and NO MORE than that. Ford will lose lots of sales if they raise their prices astronomically on the Mustang GT and the Cobra just because some idiots in here want to see these cars to cost more. Get real. The current Mustang GT and Cobra prices are reasonable. Let's keep them that way. If we don't, fewer of us will be able to afford nice cars like these. Only an idiot would want the prices of the Mustang GT and the Cobra to be priced high and out of the range of affordability. The Mustang GT and Cobra are not to be compared with the Corvette. PERIOD! Anybody here who compares them to the Corvette is comparing apples with oranges.
  12. I think he is talking canadian. And with the conversion rate it might be more reasonable for a gt
  13. If he's talking Canadian $ Dollars then it would be about 33% to 35% less if converted to U.S $ Dollars. That would be around $26K for the GT if it costs $40K Canadian.
  14. ok svtdriver, i seem to have missed your arguement. are you saying that the cobra will NOT be $40k?

    the way i see it ford can only go two ways, affordable muscle car (like now) which would be probably 35-38k sticker easily (as it is now)


    corvette competition, which would raise the performance bar and the price. $40k sticker at least.

    there is no way around it, if ford intends to go after the vette with the cobra the price will be 40k, look at the cobra now, ford had to borrow here, trim this, trim that, just to get the cobra at the current price level. ie the taillights (non amber signals)

    how in heck could ford drop in a new motor, reduce weight and be at corvette level performance and not be over the 40 mark?

    explain it to me please.
  15. I don't have anything to explain. I have simply asked you for proof. I have never said what price it was going to be. I am merely saying that people insisting it is going to be any price stop and realize there is no factual data on any prices for ANY of the new mustangs. So stating any "facts" on price are inncorrect.
  16. I read somewhere that ford will have a new 5.0 s/c'ed motor with a minnimum of 400hp. they will not have the 5.4 s/c'ed or v10, so get that out of your heads, cause if thats the case no one will buy the ford gt. If it does your lookin at a $45k+ cobra(some people would rather buy a vette). I also did read that ford will try to keep the price in the same ballpark as the current cobra, so I'm guessing $38k-$40k.
  17. I am sorry this is so late in the thread to quote this, but since no one else did, I HAD to do it.

    Dude, are you on crack. The only reason I ask that is because I AM NOT and I don't have these magical visions that you are having. So you must be on something. KILL is a big word when it comes to racing, heck, even BEAT is a big word, which I am sure you are not doing much of ( hahaha, "non" stock stangs?, right ), unless you are racing civics, with that [email protected] Lumina. Come on, get your story straight. It is not very sad that a Lumina is eating up stangs 4 -5 yrs older -- I would hope you can beat someone like my mom ( doesn't know what more than half throttle is ) driving a 6 cyl automaic 'vert. Lol.

    Well anyways, to every one that thinks with their real brain, and not the one they bought at Kmart (for the Lumina lover), the 'Stang was never intended to compete with the 'Vette. So why put it in the same class now? Just Keep it about 10 - 15k less, with the same amt of hp -- clearly keeping it in the "ponycar" class, and then brag about it when you whomp on the vette...while hauling 4 people around. Ford CLEARLY has the upperhand. Prices are going to go up no matter what, they have been every year since the car was invented. Just look at what you have, becasue ay goes up too, that is just part of inflation.
  18. You can get the 5.0 thing out of your head...

    [QUOTE='06 COBRA]I read somewhere that ford will have a new 5.0 s/c'ed motor with a minnimum of 400hp. they will not have the 5.4 s/c'ed or v10, so get that out of your heads, cause if thats the case no one will buy the ford gt. If it does your lookin at a $45k+ cobra(some people would rather buy a vette). I also did read that ford will try to keep the price in the same ballpark as the current cobra, so I'm guessing $38k-$40k.[/QUOTE]

    There will be no '5.0'. Ford doesn't have one. The 3.7" bore required to arrive at that 'magical?' number just isn't feasable. It's too expensive and I would be very surprised if Ford made a new casting just for that if the bore spacing will even allow it. However, Ford has two other great engines - the 4.6 3V and the 5.4 3V. With any luck, we'll get a twin-screw blown 5.4 3V.
  19. How much is the GT gonna cost? No one knows that yet either. I wish Ford would give us more info.
  20. I hope you're right. :D But its not gonna be cheep.