How much for the 2006 Cobra

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  1. sorry guys no cobra till 07 Have you heard about the lease deal yet?

  2. LOL.. do your research. that z34 that you say beats all those 5.0's puts out a wopping 210hp at 5200 rpm and 215ft/lbs of torque at 4400rpm. Not that I dont beleive you... NEVERMIND I dont beleive you. Im sure it beats a car with 15 more hp, and 85 more ft/lbs of torque. Oh wait not just beats, IT KILLS um.
    but ya had me there for a second... not
  3. I really would honestly like the 07 cobra to stay a dohc 4.6. A a supercharged 5.4 3v is just too close to the GT. I think Ford could safely raise the compression ratio in the '04 Cobra engine and still keep it supercharged and save some weight. I mean that engine is tough its not unheard of to strap on a much more powerful blower on stock internals.
  4. Maybe it will have a 5.0. But then it would be to close to a boss 302 :shrug:
  5. The Vette isn't the only competition Ford needs to worry about. In the muscle car arena, the GTO is a direct competitor for the Cobra. 350hp, RWD, American, $35k. If the Cobra is going to keep its lion share of the market, it needs to trump the GTO somewhere. 400hp for $35k perhaps. 450-500hp for $40k perhaps. But, it is no longer the only kid on the block.

    To take this one step further, if we are talking perfomance cars, you also have to bring up the 350Z/G35c, Evo 8, and WRXs of the world as well. Obviously they are not direct competition for the Mustang, and will never sway a muscle car fan. But, they all are right around the 300hp/$30k tag and have far better handling than the current Mustang GT (the new one remains to be seen). This will sway quite a bit of customers that aren't tied to the musclecar. The closer the Mustang GT gets to the $30k price tag, the more compition it will face, and most likely the more sales it will loose.

    The simple fact remains, people who are looking for a performance-oriented, relatively affordable car have more options than have had for a very, very long time. And while Ford has its place in the musclecar world firmly solidified, some other cars may start to eat into its high volume sales which makes the Mustang so successful (by allowing Ford to keep the price down).

    Fortunately for us, we will all gain by this competition as the performance to price ratio will continue to grow.
  6. I think a 5.0 is a definite possibility in the 07 Cobra, especially now since the GT-R has the Ford Racing 5.0 Cammer in it - and they raised the compression to 11. Like I said before, I think they need to try raising the compression in the 04 Cobra's engine before going 5.4, but a 5.0 would be badass too.
  7. The only way the GTO will ever be competition for the Cobra is if they take that LS1 and convert it to an LS6, which Car and Driver seems to think will happen. But I seriously doubt GM will win this one, Ford is looking too far down the road for that - the mere fact that we have the v-10 cobra concept and the GT means possible future "hand-me-downs" for the mustang.
  8. Heres another few reasons why the GTO will never be competition to the Cobra, while I am thinking of them. The GTO is pushrod, it weighs 200 pounds more than the Cobra (itll weight more with the LS6 conversion) and the Cobra does the 1/4 mile in 12.88 at 112, while the GTO does it in 14 @102.
  9. The GTO is capable of much faster times then that. It can run at least mid-13's in stock form.

    The fact that the GTO uses a pushrod engine is meaningless. If the F-body was still around, it would be considered competition for the Cobra (with 200lbs LESS weight and it's overhead valve's). Horsepower is horsepower, my friend. I do prefer OHC, but I do respect the LS1/LS2 and the power that it makes.
  10. Very true, I'm just quoting Car and Driver's quarter mile time but it may yet go down
  11. Either way, most people don't buy car for 1/4 mile times alone. The GTO will definitely steal some Cobra buyers -- especially since they will be selling cars for about 2 years or so before the Cobra even comes out. The point was that this competition will (should) make Ford keep the prices low to stay competitive.

    As far as pushrod is concerned, isn't the Viper's V10 a pushrod? I don't see too many people complaining about that, and they certainly aren't penny-pinching.
  12. That right there means it's a piece of crap. Pushrods are bad, BAD I tell ya!
  13. I think the good thing about the probable 400hp GTO is that it will probably force Ford to come out with a SE Mustang early to fill the void before the killer Cobra.
  14. A few other things to consider. First, according to all the GM message boards, there will be a new Camaro out in '07. Second, don't forget that DCX has a new RWD platform that's getting great reviews, a sparkling new factory that can produce 400,000 Hemi V8s a year... and a hot 6.1 400+hp version of the Hemi due out shortly. They'll be in the mix somewhere shortly, count on it.
  15. Just an idea. Current Cobra's are an SVT product. Lightning's are also a current SVT product. With the introduction of the new F-150, they have designed a new Lightning Concept. This is not news, but keep in mind that the new L will have a 500/550 twin screw S/C'ed aluminum 5.4L with 4V heads. I am under the impression that this motor is similar, but not identical to the one in the GT. But if they are producing the L with this motor in it, why not the new Cobra? Afterall, the L had been around for awhile when SVT decided to match the L blower to the 4.6L 4V Cobra motor. Also, as far as price, the L's and Cobra's are usually pretty close, and the new L's are supposedly (don't know if this is true, just something I thiought I read recently) in the $36K-$38K range. Also, another thought I have seen in several places around here is that the new Cobra is to compete with the BMW M cars (someone else mentioned that a page ago), not the Vette. The Vette is going after the Viper and GT, not the mustang Cobra. So I am just hoping for the best car possible. If they make the GT350 (S/C 4.6L around 400 HP) and GT500 (S/C 5.4L with around 500 HP) models, with the drive train based on the new Lightning stuff. That is my interest, not the GT-R with the Cammer. That is a car that could lead to many divorces. Fun to drive for him, hated by her. Oh well, if we were all rich...
  16. The problem with that is there is likely not enough market for A gt500 with 500hp and a cobra using the lightning drivetrain at 500hp. Too much similarity. Even with the Cobra going after BMW. There is not going to be enough differences in the two cars. They will after all be still based on a mustang.