How much have you put into ur cars?

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  1. How much money have you put into ur cars?

    I got all my receipts for everything ive stuck on my car(not including maintenance items) and im up to a grand total of 10,470 dollars not including labor on the install of some of the parts. With labor it goes to like 12,200. How much money have u guys put into ur cars? Sad part is that only about 1/4 of that money went under the hood.

    P.S. This only includes stuff that is on my car right now. It doesnt include the stuff that i used to have, sold or whatever. Since ive had 3 sets of rims, 2 body kits, 4 spoilers, 3 hoods i think the total would sky rocket if i included that. The 10,470 is a more realistic number for whats on my car now.
  2. Not much. Maybe $400 :D
  3. $400 for exhaust (installed)
    $50 for rims
    $230 for radio
    $40 for shifter handle
    $250 for lowering springs and installation
    $200 for Bullitt calipers, $150 for 13" rotors (not yet installed)
  4. o0o0o0o this should be fun

    $650 (including shipping) for front bumper and spoiler
    $400 for 17x9 oem cobra r's
    $400 for 2 255/40/17 and 2 275/40/17
    $400 for V1
    $300 for pair of oakleys just to look good!! hehe
    $100 for denscharger
    $250 for duals
    $200 for roush springs

    i think it was $150 for painting, and it was about $50 for mounting and balancing and some otha junk.

    o0o0o anyone know a cheap place for Cobra brakes w/ 13inch rotor included?? i got about $400 to spend right now
  5. I spent too much on my v6 before I realized it was a waste... :nonono:
  6. Im so far in now that to pull out would be wasting the money i already spent.
  7. tru tru buh i rather to make my v6 quick than geting a gt stock.
    gotta be proud owning a 6!! hehe
  8. Not me.. i would trade my car in with every damn mod on it and every bit of the money i stuck into it for a base mustang gt 5 speed
  9. 3500-4000 but most of that is DA RIMS
  10. 3400 TO 3500 Canadian dollars though. So really like ~$2000 US. Thats for all Perf Parts and stereo, plus any install I didn't do myself, excl maintanence costs. Which I don't want to add up :nonono:
  11. Hmm..i feel outta place. No one here puts any money into their cheap v6 mustangs! All the money i save off insurance and the car payments went straight into the car. I probably could have afforded a gt but it would still be completely stock 4 years from now.
  12. im not done yet by any means. :nice:
  13. Just for the heck of it i looked up my old rims/hood/body kits. Comes out to another 4000 dollars. Damn i need to spend my money wiser. But who could blame me. Right now im making about 22 dollars an hour typing names into a computer. I work at home when i want, as little or as much as i want and any day i want to be a holiday is one! I got pretty much a full scholarship to college so i got nothing else to spend my money on!
  14. I haven't gone crazy yet, I'm spending $200/Hr on a lawyer. Divorce is a ****ty thing. Once my ex and I settle the house, The car is getting some treats :D

    I know it sounds bad........Wait for the divorce so you can beef up the mustang. Actually it sounds pretty good to me. :D
  15. Who do you work for??? I am wasting valuable computer time typing on this board. Do a fellow Stanger a favor, I know you want to see a turbocharged 4.3 with 650 RWHP.
  16. $2000 this summer, and only plan on spending another 200 or so.

  17. I work for a sweep stakes company. You know the people who send in post cards and crap to enter a sweepstakes. I take those post cards and enter them into a data base. Its a per unit basis. I type extremely fast so i can do about 150-170 in an hour. But most people average between 50-80 so for the fastest of them still only make like 9 dollars an hour.
  18. Yeah and you've spent to much on your V8 cause it will be a waste because you will always get beat by a Cobra...

    Your reasoning is just as stupid so STFU.

    Anyway, I'm done with my car. I shall soon be buying a Lightning.
  19. yea lightning rules!!!!!!!!!!!!