How much have you put into ur cars?

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  1. I like the harley davidson edition too
  2. Thats next on my list
  3. think u can hook me up with a nice little win??
  4. $350 - 225/65/R15 FalkenTires (Had those for a week before getting cobra)
    $500 for 4 rims
    $480 for 245/45/R17 Tires
    $100 for GT Exhaust
    $90 to get the exhaust installed
    $190 for CAI after shipping
    $170 for UD pulley, belt after shipping
    $10.99 180* Thermo
    $15.00 White Face Guages

    ~2 grand, but not including misc parts, tools and fluids (gas, radiator, cleaners).

    Best part, I've just begun!

    Next up is new gears then cams and heads...down the road.. ATI Procharger. :D

  5. Think you could hook me up with a nice little job? =)
  6. Vortech V-2 S Trim kit $1500
    Vortech 255lph fuel pump $110
    FRPP 70mm t-body $180
    FRPP u/d pulleys $140 - no longer used
    Bullit suspension $360
    forged shortblock w/ ceramic coated pistons $3150
    Nitto 245/45/R17 555's
    JBA headers $440
    180* t-stat $5

    i think that's it.
  7. Hmm anyone else hit the 10000 dollar mark?
  8. if i get a procharger then i might..... then again where would i get that extra $4000 at??..............
  9. Im thinking about dropping the whole nitrous setup. Im tired of refilling my bottles. I dont like only being able to go fast when i spray. I race way too often and spraying is too expensive of a hobby. Shoot another 4 grand. Who cares.
  10. My rims around 800
    Tri-ax shifter 180
    Mac cai 139
    Front and rear bumpers 225 from MPS
    exhaust 800
    around 2 grand.
  11. That seems to be the going rate. I guess im just stupid and throw my money around too much. I coulda easily bought a gt with the extra money but i still dont want to pay the insurance. I probably could have done an engine swap or at least a supercharger but i chose to change the way it looks every 6 monthes since ive owned it. I think like i said before ima sell the nitrous set up and go for a procharger. Or, a turbo if the price is right.
  12. Rims and tires - $1100
    Exhaust - $400
    D/C - $100
    Pulley - $150
    Gt bumper - $125 plus $250 install and paint
    Springs and shocks - $500
    Shifter - $170
    Subframe connectors - $100
    Other Stuff - $500

    About $3400 done and not stopping.
  13. I know I have a v8 but this is somthing that people are always amazed at and the reason I have no money, you guys ready for this
    450$ shifter fork replacement
    150$intake and valve cover gaskets
    189$ for gears(bad set0
    200$ for the good gears
    40$ trac-lok rebuild kit
    100$ diff rebuild kit
    250$ king cobra clutch kit and clutch rebuild stuff
    350$ labor for gear and tracklok rebuild install
    250 for clutch replacement and flywheel machining
    100$ for CAI
    45$ for plug wires(not good enough for blaster coil)
    75$ for good taylor pro wire
    45 for blaster coil
    250$ for door rehinging and lock replacement
    200$ fix brakes
    200$KYB shocks all round
    100$ underdrive pulleys(not installed)
    600$ on stereo
    and some other stuff I can't remember so let me just add that up

    click click click, okay and the grand total is 3594 dollars and I am only 17, that's actaull kinda sad, but hey i love my stang next year I plan to drop about another 3000-4000 into it, and oh yeah I save my money and my parents help me out with the stuff that needs to be done like the clutch labor install and tranny fork that's like 800 bucks right there but everything else I paid for
  14. does anyone save for college like i do?
  15. Im not trying to get into a pissing contest or anything but i have probably around 15000 that i have put into it at one time not including maintenance. Im only 19. Lol. Sad sad person i am. My car could be the fastest v6 mustang in texas, maybe even the US but i decided to put it all into stereo and visual mods. Well, a little went into performance.

    Btw i dont have to save for college, i got pretty much a full scholarship! Yeah for me.
  16. Ok, most of you all are probably wondering where all this money went. Well, ima post everything now. Muahahaha! Long list it is in no particular order.
    Gtech competition : 250
    Indiglo gauges : 100
    Radar detector : 270
    Chrome bullit 17x8 : 1200
    Tires -520
    Cervinis spoiler : 299
    Mac cold air induction : 190
    Spark plug wire covers : 20
    Mac custom built exhaust into rear bumper: 574
    Mac ud pulleys: 130
    Custom seat covers : 25
    Custom floor mats : 20
    Dual pod gauges oil/temp with pod :80
    A/c white face gauge : 35
    Mustangt gt 8.8" rear end with 4.10 gear and c-clip elim: 1300
    Cervinis rear bumper: 400
    Projector headlights : 350
    Cervinis ram air hood : 400
    Bullit antenae: 35
    Cervinis front bumper: 400
    Custom white interior with black accents: 300
    Alpine cva1000 head unit(bought it new) : 1700
    Power hx2 2000 watt subwoofer(new also) : 469
    Audiobahn Capaciter with lcd screen: 190
    Custom sub box: 100
    Sony 1000watt class D amp.-350
    Ground Pounder lower/upper control arms: 300
    Alpine 12 disc cd changer-250
    Aftermarket springs/shocks: 450
    Nitrous express system: 460
    Upgrade to 12lb bottle:50
    Auto bottle heater with preassure gauge: 280
    Down tube:50
    Ford Chip with dual sides: 350

    Ok that comes out to 11367. I forgot some stuff in my previous records.

    Then stuff i no longer have.
    5" cowl hood: 400
    Saleen double stack spoiler(real): 400
    18x9 chrome bullit wheels: 1400
    17x9 95 cobra wheels: 1300
    I dont remember the price of the tires so i left them out of this one. Probably adds up to another 1000 dollars or more. 18x9s were at least 200 a piece. 17x9s i think were 160.

    Mustang cobra hood(factory): 569
    Veilside body kit: 500
    Cobra spoiler(factory):350
    S351 spoiler(aftermarket):270

    That equals out to another 5189.
    Sad sad sad isnt it. This money could have been used so much wiser...too late now. Might as well run it out and spend more hoping maybe one day my car will be as cool as i think it is!

    UPDATE: More money added in today. I just got a kick ass sub set up and its gonna take them friggin 4 days to do it!

    2 sony 800 watt class d amps-290(retail is 400)
    1 1000 watt ability capaciters-100(retail is 150)
    Custom box built to match car nicely-250
    Remount everything and rewire everything with new wires.
    Connectors..the damn 32 dollars for 2 connectors!
    1 power hx2(2000 watts, i already have it)
    Added up to another-400 dollars!
    Grand total of 1300!

    Makes it 12,667 grand total. Yeah for me.
  17. I don't even remember anymore . . .

    Just off the top of my head-

    Suspension- 3500
    Street Wheels/tires - 1600
    Race Wheels/Tires - 1000
    Carbon Fiber hood/paint - 700
    98 Cobra rear end w/3.73 gears - 600
    Carbon fiber trunk lid/paint - 500
    Built Motor - 1200
    Custom fabbed turbo kit with fmic, bov, blah blah blah - 5600
    C4 Auto Tranny - 1400
    whole lot of other stuff I don't feel like adding . . . priceless.

    I've got easily 15K into my car. Not to mention the car itself, and when I want to get on it I need to mix gas . . . expensive expensive! Oh well.
  18. See, but ur car is fast. Money spent wisely :)
  19. I also don't want to get into" oh yeah I put more into it" but including the car, it's abut 5-6 grand and I don't make alot of money in the span of the one year I put those mods on I made about 4600-5000 so everysingle cent I have pretty much went into the stang, and my parents helped me out, and hey visual mods aren't a bad thing you didn't buy the v6 for the incredible speed, but I bet it's quick, and least we know where our priorities are, hehe, and oh yeah i'm pretty sure that is the reason I don't have a girlfriend, next year is visual mods for me and full exhaust maybe that will make the ladies love me, ffppphhh, yeah thats it, hahahaha

    oh and 1100 into mostly visual mods deserves a couple of pics so post it up
  20. 11000 u mean :). I would but people around here get mad when i post pics. Especially mustangsally. If i post one pick she will **** for many posts to come. If you search the threads for my name, you can find plenty of pics of my car.

    I think they should make a money spent list kinda like a time slip list where everyone posts there times. You provide a number of money that you havent spent on ur car and proof and theyll put u on the list. I just wanna be on a top10 of any kind of list other then like the lamest car list.