How much have you put into ur cars?

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  1. Im not about to let this thread die...i spent like 20 minutes making that list! :)
  2. HOLY **** man, like 15 grand, youcoulda not only baught a decent used GT,maybe even an older Cobra, but pretty damn close to a brand new V6. I dont even compare, I just hit the $900 mark, but i also have only had it since March 15th.And i dont make that much at my job, like 300 amonth,i'm 17,and my parents wont payf or a damn thing, but that's onlyf air since my dad is paying for the car and my insurance(which nearly trippled from my old car) but ibuy everything from oil and oil filter to my exhaust.I do it all my self. Plus i'm trying to save some money for college.
  3. 3.4" pulley setup - $150
    Exhaust work - $200
    T-stat/fan switch - $100
    K&N drop-in (with home depot stuff) - $55ish
    Pioneer 8400 (brought in from wrecked 'stang) - free
    rear 6x9s - $50
    underbody kit - $70

    that's about it for now, but list will keep growing...
  4. Yes, i paid for my car in cash. Like 11000 used in 2000. i make like 2000 a month but i have no bills. My mom pays my insurance now that i got into college and i got a full scholarship to college. My mom is an insurance agent and refuses to pay the insurance if i had a gt or even a v8 nonetheless. She doesnt know about my spending. I tell her everything helps my gas mileage, including my 4.10 gears :). I know i could have spent this money in a lot of different ways but i dunno why, i just stuck to visual. Im mad now but nothing i can do. I havent done anything visual lately except the gauges. My last purchases were the gt rear end and the nitrous system which i think ima sell.
  5. All I have to say Ganador, is enjoy it now. Cause I make more than you, but I have debt and bills and all the **** that comes with it. So the money I make isn't always mine, but It would be fun to take the cash and go beef up the stang more!

    So hell keep having fun with it. :nice:
  6. Thats ok cause ima have a ****in job when i get outta college where im makin the big bucks! So i will enjoy it as it will only get better from now on. Btw, im very optimistic on this topic.
  7. I can tell your optimistic glad to see it all working out.

    As you can tell I'm a pesimist, or what I like to call an optimist with experience.

    So what are you going to school for anyways??
  8. Aftermarket automotive business management....long name...
  9. dude that sounds like an awsome career, what is it exactly
  10. Well its actually Automotive aftermarket business management. I said it wrong the first time. All you have to do is break down the name and its easy to figure out. Automotive(having to do with cars) aftermarket(anything done to the car after it leaves the original sales lot, not just accesories, includes crashes, tune ups, anything like that)
    Business management(managing this type of thing)

    So im pretty much learning to manage some sort of business that deals with a car after it leaves the sales lot. Whether its a performance stores, a midas, or even a body shop. It teaches you the fundamentals of this area and how to suceede doing this type of work(end advertisement).
  11. I've only spent about $400 on my baby. If I could buy more now, of course I would.
  12. Heh, ur on ur way. If everyone could strive for the 10000 mark, the aftermarket on our cars would be bigger then the civics :)

  13. we don't get mad when you post pics of your car.. just that huge picture with the hideous front bumper....

    by the way... how much did you have to pay to get rid of that bumper?
  14. Actually i still have it. Lol. Sits on the side of my house. Ive sold it to ricers like 3 times on ebay but they never come through with the sale. Typical ricer for u.
  15. I'd say i've spent close to $3000 on my car. it may be the fastest 6 cylider, but it does look great.
  16. So when your managing your own performance store you'll give us a deal right! :D :D
  17. Guess what guys. I spent another 1300 dollars today on my car. Yeah!!!! I just bought this friggin pimp as sub set up...2 800 watt amps, 2 caps, custom box, all the wiring, power hx2, its gonna be clean although i dont like paying 1300 for just a sub.. :(

  18. time to put it in the GTP! :nice:

  19. I changed my mind. ive spent too much money already on my car, to go to a gtp would be be a waste of what ive done already. Hmm...yet im still making dumb mistakes, 1300 could go a long way for performance...but i guess it wont be!
  20. Ok, most of you all are probably wondering where all this money went. Well, ima post everything now. Muahahaha! Long list it is in no particular order.
    Gtech competition : 250
    Indiglo gauges : 100
    Radar detector : 270
    Chrome bullit 17x8 : 1200
    Tires -520
    Cervinis spoiler : 299
    Mac cold air induction : 190
    Spark plug wire covers : 20
    Mac custom built exhaust into rear bumper: 574
    Mac ud pulleys: 130
    Custom seat covers : 25
    Custom floor mats : 20
    Dual pod gauges oil/temp with pod :80
    A/c white face gauge : 35
    Mustangt gt 8.8" rear end with 4.10 gear and c-clip elim: 1300
    Cervinis rear bumper: 400
    Projector headlights : 350
    Cervinis ram air hood : 400
    Bullit antenae: 35
    Cervinis front bumper: 400
    Custom white interior with black accents: 300
    Alpine cva1000 head unit(bought it new) : 1700
    Power hx2 2000 watt subwoofer(new also) : 469
    Audiobahn Capaciter with lcd screen: 190
    Custom sub box: 100
    Sony 1000watt class D amp.-350
    Ground Pounder lower/upper control arms: 300
    Alpine 12 disc cd changer-250
    Aftermarket springs/shocks: 450
    Nitrous express system: 460
    Upgrade to 12lb bottle:50
    Auto bottle heater with preassure gauge: 280
    Down tube:50
    Ford Chip with dual sides: 350

    Ok that comes out to 11367. I forgot some stuff in my previous records.

    Then stuff i no longer have.
    5" cowl hood: 400
    Saleen double stack spoiler(real): 400
    18x9 chrome bullit wheels: 1400
    17x9 95 cobra wheels: 1300
    I dont remember the price of the tires so i left them out of this one. Probably adds up to another 1000 dollars or more. 18x9s were at least 200 a piece. 17x9s i think were 160.

    Mustang cobra hood(factory): 569
    Veilside body kit: 500
    Cobra spoiler(factory):350
    S351 spoiler(aftermarket):270

    That equals out to another 5189.
    Sad sad sad isnt it. This money could have been used so much wiser...too late now. Might as well run it out and spend more hoping maybe one day my car will be as cool as i think it is!

    UPDATE: More money added in today. I just got a kick ass sub set up and its gonna take them friggin 4 days to do it!

    2 sony 800 watt class d amps-290(retail is 400)
    1 1000 watt ability capaciters-100(retail is 150)
    1 1000 watt audiobahn lcd screen cap(already have it)
    Custom box built to match car nicely-250
    Remount everything and rewire everything with new wires.
    Connectors..the damn 32 dollars for 2 connectors!
    1 power hx2(2000 watts, i already have it)
    Added up to another-400 dollars!
    Grand total of 1300!

    Makes it 12,667 grand total. Yeah for me.
    Ill post pictures on sunday when its supposed to be ready.