How much have you put into ur cars?

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  1. Damn that front bumper sticks out a offense i just dont like it. I almost got it too...glad i went with the stalker kit. Otherwise a nice looking car.
  2. Na man, actually it doesn't. For some reason in all of my pics it looks that way. :shrug: That kit makes my car look really squar which is a good thing. Everyone keeps asking me do they make that for cavaliers, do they make that for vettes and so on. I get a lot of complements about it. My last car show at least 10-15 differnt poeple took several pics of my car :nice: later

    Looks mean in the front:
  3. Hmm I still like mine better!
  4. Yours is pretty tight. As soon as I get my cobra SVO hood put on next tues it will look tons better. (You have a better camera than I do) My neighbors junky old digital camera doesn't do my car any justice. you know what I meen?
  5. god i hope the wouldnt make that for vettes
  6. You mean my front end or his? Personally, i think they would both look like crap on a vette.
  7. either one, but his more. the vette looks very nice as is
  8. Yeah, hope they don't make any of them for stangs (would look ugly) Speeking of a vette. I was just reading an autotrader mag. They had a bright neon green vette in their with a ferrari front in. Dam did it look mean. Only wanted 20,000. It on the internet, too.
    [​IMG] :nice:

    Ganador01: I'd like to see more pics of your car, Do you have any??? Lovin the hood man. Heres a pic of the front of my car (not as good quality of a pic as yours though.) I think your front is more cleaner less detailed than mine. Cleaner is good. :cheers:
  9. Ok back by popular demand!

    Btw, like i said before, ill have pics of my new sub set up here on sunday hopefully. Its gonna be bad ass! BTW, i now have my dual pod gauges in, even more lights! I dont have any pics yet, ill get some when i get the sub pics. Yeah no more gaping hole in my ass...i mean dash :)
  10. Ok let me add this up...

    When I bought my car it had acid drops all on the hood... the dealership told my dad and I they would fix it for free. So my grandpa took it down there and paid to get it fixed!! He didnt want me to know but my mom told me anyways... So I guess
    Then I got my GT bumper painted and put on
    Got my duals on
    Then my mom plowed down the side of my car with her explorer (accident)
    500 deductable
    Got my wheels and tires
    Someone through a rock into windshield
    so 2750 so far... no mods until next summer :(

    Whoops forgot the K&N... what 40??
    so 2790
  11. that tv u have is fricken huge. and wheres the pic wit yur awesome honda bumper
  12. u guys really wanna see it? If i get 3 people saying they want to see it ill post it again. Otherwise theres no point. lol.
  13. Oh god no! don't do it! make the bad man stop!!!!!! :nonono:
  14. I wanna see the profile of that bumper, it's not that bad. Also, am I seeing things or is there a nonfunctional hole in your dash????
  15. Nope theres something there...look again..

    I just put them in :)

    P.S. Thats 2 people. 1 more and im posting it. Although i have resized the picture to fit the screen better for all the people complaining about the size.
  16. I have spent 13,000+ on mods and paint. Worth every penny! Well, except for the trannys I keep breaking :)
  17. You have got to have the highest rwhp in a v6 around. Is there anyone else out there with that much rwhp? BTW, I like your car. I have put about 7K in my car so far and worth it too. 6 big shows this year, 3 1st places and 1 best of show.
  18. My turbo 6 stang is putting out somewhere around the 500 mark. That's just a guess though, it put down 420rwhp and 510rwtq on a bad tune and pump gas. I'd assume a good tune and 100 octane would bump it up considerably.

    We should run our "Super Sixes" sometime MaximumBoost. That would be one hell of a race to catch on film. PM me with your best times if you don't want to post them.

    By the way- no frontal shots yet, the ones I had were closeups of the hood, I'll have front shots tomorrow night. Here's a booty shot though!

  19. Cripes! Sorry that's so big.