How much have you put into ur cars?

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  1. 500 mark?? what are your mods? Itd take alot more than a turbo to do that. Even if.. youd need alot more than those skinny tires to go anywhere.
  2. This is a how much u spent on ur car thread...not a damn whose car is faster thread :)
  3. Well,
    knowing what dan put into his car. and if LT1 has that much power in his 6 I would say they both put a ****load of money in there cars.

    I would like to see that race, if LT1 is really pushing that kinda power.

    LT1 do you have a copy of that dyno??what else is in that car??
  4. screw the dyno.. anyone can get one of those printed out. I wanna see an engine bay pic. If it looks anything like this I will believe you :)

  5. gandor you are fu*kin nuts!!!! i love it that you spent all that money and didnt shoot yourself when you added it up but thats just crazy
    dont get me wrong ur car looks badass but for that much money you could have a supercharger, new intake, headers, maf, throttle body, one of those nifty throtle body spacers with the spyral in em that add 10 hp :) and ....

    well damn you could have dropped a 600 hp crate engine in there, new tranny, new intercooler, new fan (cuz the 3.8 one wouldnt cut it) and had it all installed and maybe had a few bux to toy around with... now that would be MEAN!!!!!... to bad the money that we spend on our cars dosnt come all at once :)

    | it would be nice to pay v6 insurance on a 600 hp monster!... now thats what i call a sleeper :D

    really though ur next mod should be something with performance... you spent all this money on your car and it performs close to stock, im thinkin u toss an intercooled supercharger in there and you will have my full attention
  6. thinking about it. I kinda want the 11psi procharger system which in total will probably end up costing me about 5000 when installed. Problem is i have such a weight problem that ill have to do a **** load of engine work just to get caught up with the people who only have the supercharger. My car weighs in near 3600 pounds with me in it.
    (no im not fat, just have a lotta crap). I wonder if ive spent more money then anyone else. I figured dan had me easy but it doesnt seem like it. If i get the procharger ima hit the 20000 dollar mark and it doesnt include the price of the car. Lets have a vote, who thinks i should keep putting money into visual/who thinks the 11psi procharger is the answer. Keep in mind i do street race a lot(sadly) but it never really bothers me when i lose. Its all just for fun.
  7. pssssst dont talk about street racing u never know whos lookin :D

    and i def think if u keep puttin money into visual its CRAZY cuz like u said ur losin all the time i know its not killin u but still... and 5k is alot of dough i was thinkin u could get a nice setup for 4k installed...

    anyways how much horse do u have (or think) u have now and after the supercharger what should it put u at...just curious and im thinkin it wont be over 260 which is what the 99 gt's are what with all the dough uve spent u could own one of those supercharger ;) .... just find someone who is into mods and sell ur car for like 10-15k and buy a gt and do that thing up then you would not just have a badass lookin car but a super fast one at that
  8. actualy now that i think of it.. dont drop another 5k into your car i would do just that sell it (cuz someone will want it with all the body mods and what not) and from that money like i said buy a gt and then go wild on that... no point putting 5k in your car making it around the same hp as a gt... just dosnt seam worth it to me if you could sell ur car and use the supercharger money for a gt... but then again insurance would be cheaper but it would be alot cooler to mod a gt to the max... just what i would do
  9. Actually id make like 260-280 crank hp which would be more then a new gt. That would be plenty enough for me.
  10. oh wow i didnt think that it would add that much horse to a 6
  11. Thats also including the mods i have right now. Just the 11psi system is supposed to do 260 hp at the crank on pre 99s if im correct. It may be rwhp but i doubt it.
  12. Gan I think you need to put the money into getting that tank to move! :D
  13. tank will put down better times then ur golf cart :)

    fight fight fight fight fight :jester: hahah
  15. Ok, most of you all are probably wondering where all this money went. Well, ima post everything now. Muahahaha! Long list it is in no particular order.
    Gtech competition : 250
    Indiglo gauges : 100
    Radar detector : 270
    Chrome bullit 17x8 : 1200
    Tires -520
    Cervinis spoiler : 299
    Mac cold air induction : 190
    Spark plug wire covers : 20
    Mac custom built exhaust into rear bumper: 574
    Mac ud pulleys: 130
    Custom seat covers : 25
    Custom floor mats : 20
    Dual pod gauges oil/temp with pod :80
    A/c white face gauge : 35
    Mustangt gt 8.8" rear end with 4.10 gear and c-clip elim: 1300
    Cervinis rear bumper: 400
    Projector headlights : 350
    Cervinis ram air hood : 400
    Bullit antenae: 35
    Cervinis front bumper: 400
    Custom white interior with black accents: 300
    Alpine cva1000 head unit(bought it new) : 1700
    Power hx2 2000 watt subwoofer(new also) : 469
    Audiobahn Capaciter with lcd screen: 190
    Custom sub box: 100
    Sony 1000watt class D amp.-350
    Ground Pounder lower/upper control arms: 300
    Alpine 12 disc cd changer-250
    Aftermarket springs/shocks: 450
    Nitrous express system: 460
    Upgrade to 12lb bottle:50
    Auto bottle heater with preassure gauge: 280
    Down tube:50
    Ford Chip with dual sides: 350

    Ok that comes out to 11367. I forgot some stuff in my previous records.

    Then stuff i no longer have.
    5" cowl hood: 400
    Saleen double stack spoiler(real): 400
    18x9 chrome bullit wheels: 1400
    17x9 95 cobra wheels: 1300
    I dont remember the price of the tires so i left them out of this one. Probably adds up to another 1000 dollars or more. 18x9s were at least 200 a piece. 17x9s i think were 160.

    Mustang cobra hood(factory): 569
    Veilside body kit: 500
    Cobra spoiler(factory):350
    S351 spoiler(aftermarket):270

    That equals out to another 5189.
    Sad sad sad isnt it. This money could have been used so much wiser...too late now. Might as well run it out and spend more hoping maybe one day my car will be as cool as i think it is!

    UPDATE: More money added in today. I just got a kick ass sub set up and its gonna take them friggin 4 days to do it!

    2 sony 800 watt class d amps-290(retail is 400)
    1 1000 watt ability capaciters-100(retail is 150)
    1 1000 watt audiobahn lcd screen cap(already have it)
    Custom box built to match car nicely-250
    Remount everything and rewire everything with new wires.
    Connectors..the damn 32 dollars for 2 connectors!
    1 power hx2(2000 watts, i already have it)
    Added up to another-400 dollars!
    Grand total of 1300!

    Makes it 12,667 grand total. Yeah for me.

    Just added. 3a racing seats(i traded cva1000 for them so no actual cost.)
  16. Ressurection, It lives!
  17. Muahahhahaha! i had to bring it back...i had no choice :)
  18. that is a very smart thing of you to put that 8.8 with 4:10's in the back, very good starting point for a very fast v6, now do the tranny and subframes and your on your way
  19. Well im kinda out of work right now so im just keeping my money and living off it right now so no more mods...although i do have about 6000 extra that i might buy a bike really liking that twin turbo kit justin is making and i want to get some more info about it before i make any decisions.
  20. u lost ur cushy, overpaid job?