How much have you put into ur cars?

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  1. cushy? cashy? I didnt lose it. I work from home. I only have work sometimes...not all the time.
  2. Not much. Last time I was at CS Motorsports I think Rich told me my total in 2 years was 7 grand. :shrug:
  3. Thats quite a bit...almost half my total :)
  4. OMG.

    Damn your car is double-ly sweet. And that is a sick amount of money to invest, but it IS A DEATHLY ILL RIDE!

    I thought I liked cars, but now I see I am just a duffus. Some dork who bought a Mustang and wanted to know more. But ya'll are sick with a virus. You guys drank some Kool-Aide or something.

    I could never imagine the time, **** the money, to make such a badazz ride.

    Do any of you have kids? WIVES? I would need an act of congress to spend that kinda money, and no concience as the kids walk around shoeless. Seriously, are any of you married w/kids? And what does the wife say about your sickness?
  5. I had no kids, i go to college on a full scholarship and i work from home :)
  6. i got over $60,000 in recepts since 1998 but not to metion the car was a totaled rolling chassis !!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I had a list floating around here somewhere, but just can't seem to find it right now, here goes:

    S/C 3000
    Side exhaust 600
    Saleen tonneaus 300
    Light bar 300
    Smoked headlights 250
    Stalker front bumper 400
    Stalker hood 400
    Kirban AFPR 70
    Elec. fan on intercooler 70
    Roush shifter 180
    Cobra leather seats 400
    rear seat delete 100
    Bullitt pedals 100
    Bullit shift ring 60
    Pioneer head unit 150 (i'm a cheapo)
    Cobra fog lights 120
    Gauges - 200 (approx. changed from white face to digital for fuel & a/f)
    white gauge face 70
    wheels/tires 1400
    Windguard 250
    Fordchip/MAF/injectors 915 (once the stuff gets shipped, already paid for)
    Saleen bumper number 20

    THat's just an estimate and in no way accurate......I've changed so much stuff and can't keep track of what was trashed, given away, sent back.
  8. what kinda car do you drive? You could buy 6 v6 mustangs for 60,000....
  9. if you bought 99's you could get 8-10 depending on if you got a volume discount....

  10. now where do you know of a place that has 8-10 99 v6 mustangs in one lot?
  11. well you would hafta contact a special dealer...

    Big Al's reliable 99' Mustangs "yalls can buy 8-10, we's got plenty more, where deys come from yah heard? tells yah friends"

    at least thats how i would imagine it....
  12. Tons of places....used car places are filled with them...everyone buys a v6 mustang brand new then sells it....thats why they don't have a high resale value...
  13. true true all mustangs have low resale value but i'm not in it to make money, just to spin the wheels when i feal like it....
  14. I'm scared to add up all the stuff I added to the stang but here it goes..
    $1900.00..1988 Mustang GT 5.0
    $250.00.. drivers side door and rear hatch
    $200.00..235/65/15 Yokos
    $ was painted
    $120.00..flowtech headers
    $110.00..2.5inch H-pipe
    $230.00..Flowmaster american thunders with rear pipes(which I didnt use, I dumped them)
    $632.00..Centerline Draglites
    $150.00..march ram air
    $70.00..Motorvator(what a joke this thing is..I was suckered into it!)
    $100.00..Tach and gauges(got them for cost :))
    $30.00..sand paper and grinding tools to polish upper intake
    $20.00..valve covers sandblasted and polished
    for a total of $4482.00
    Blood and sweat to install all this stuff..PRICELESS!!
    soon to install 3.73's..SWEET!!!
  15. wouldn't it be funny if some guy came on here and sayd he won his stang at sonic and his parents gave him everything to put a supercharger in it... i would be like die you lucky basterd!
  16. Never start counting the cash you put into a ride, because it takes the fun out of it :(
  17. Nah, it just puts things in perspective...
  18. $1,700.00 for everything, including all applicable labor fees. :nonono: right down to the Ford logo with a chick on top in the center of the back glass. :D :nice: All mods listed in signature...and I STILL HAVE NO RIMS!!! :bang: :nonono: :notnice: Can't afford that. In fact, I think I've reached my stopping point in mods for my car. Cash is just way too tight. :(
  19. I found the post...whooohooo! :banana: I got a new cushy overpaid job btw.
  20. i'll start teh flame... wow this thread is old...