How much Horsepower ????

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by gungfusemaj, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. :chair: How much Horspower will I gain From Adding a Trickflow Manifold kit,BBk Throttle body 65MM Stock everything else no smog,87 gt cervinis ram air kit ....would Igain more to upgrade my fuel injectors.

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  2. not much without good heads and cam plus it might kill your low end until matted with a nice cam and heads :nice: . also if you did do the intake and tb you wouldnt need bigger injectors.

    sorry if this wasnt wha toyu wanted to hear :shrug:
  3. probally 10 or less
  4. Tell you what Gungfu, I'm stalling a Cobra intake and FMS 65mm TB on my near stock 5.0 in the next week or so. I'll get it dynoed afterwards and see what I got out of it. I'm putting out 216 rwhp right now.
  5. with a new intake u dont need new injectors..what the hell are u talking about?...and u will so feel a difference with an intake..even without heads...i would also get a mass air meter to go with it b/c the air will be getting restricted b4 it even gets to the TB....but u will feel a definitely noticable friend has a car with all bolt ons and stock heads (not positive, they might be ported) and its still a beast...just cause u dont have heads doesnt mean u wont gain power/not feel a difference...also if u do take teh advice and do the mass air also...then go and upgrade to 24# injectors..not 100% necessary but it will save u some money in teh future (b/c if u dont upgrade injectors then, when u do in the future u will have to have the MAS recalibrated.)