How much HP do I have?

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  1. i have the holley sytemax II HCI kit with all boltons and 355 gears. cold ait intake, 30 # injectors etc... in sig i beleive.
    i just added a used vortec supercharger . one of the first years for it. the rings are getting old on the motor, but im wondering how many horsepower i should have now. maybe 8 pounds of boost i think?

    jim i also have nitroushooked up to it. the 5115 kit.
  2. not enough... haha
  3. I hate these kinds of questions. :nonono:

    To the OP:

    I could take two cars, both with the mods you've listed, change some of the supporting mods around and get two TOTALLY different results. You really want to know what you're putting down? Get it on the dyno.

    On a side note: There are cars on this very forum that have fewer mods and get better quarter mile times.
  4. i understand that. give me the high and low numbers. i can figure out an average!
  5. and there are cars with more mods that get worse. but that wasn't my question.
  6. based off mph id guess around 250-275
  7. The point is that your list of mods and 13 second quarter mile time, isn't enough information. You might be making enough power to run 11s. :shrug:
  8. not with his MPH
  9. It's a for instance!

    for cryin out loud

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  10. Never mind. I'll go to another site that will answer the question. The 1/4 mile times are from about 5 years ago with no supercharger. I asked about horsepower with the current mods on the car. Thanks anyway.
  11. Bye... But you'll get the same smart ass answers
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  12. Here... I'll tell you you have 450 HP on the juice. :shrug: Somewhere between my guess and SRT's guess is likely the real number.

    It's like looking at a chick in a bathing suit and guessing how many fillings she has in her teeth. If you want a straight answer, ask a straight question. If you want a bunch of guesses that don't really mean anything then you'll have to find a fan-boy site full of teens that think a CAI is worth 40 HP and that everything with a muffler on it run in the 10s.

    You, yourself mentioned that the block is probably tired. Just too many variables.

    Just a side note: Your rear end gears have nothing to do with your HP numbers.

    Now... had you come in and said something like... I have a bone stock motor and have added this mod with/without a tune, then it might be possible to make an educated guess. Hell... you could have 40 to 60 HP JUST in a tune!
  13. If you know all of that, you can help yoursef w/ a downloadable HP calculator using 1/4 mile times. However, you'll need weight, tire size, gear ratio, ET and MPH to figure it out.
  14. I fail to see why it matters anyways.... dyno numbers are meaning except when bench racing toolsheds that think a dyno number represents how well a car performs.

    It is very difficult to predict as your signature doesn't even contain the fact that your car has a supercharger, so why would we think the rest of it was valid? It's pretty cheap to go get a dyno run, so why not pay for it? My car club has a couple "dyno days" and it's only $20 for 3 runs.
  15. Not true. Shorter gears will tend to show a lower RWHP number, while taller gears tend to show a higher RWHP number. Then there's the whole issue of elevation and DA. Again, dynos are nothing more than a tuning tool. My car ran like a raped ape on Saturday because it was 65* with a high pressure front over head... OTOH, my car feels slow as frack when it's 110* heat index outside. IOW, the dyno will give you STD or SAE which doesn't really represent what the car makes when driven on the street or the racetrack.
  16. Meh... I could get a BIGGER difference just repositioning the car on the dyno. :p
  17. Or farting near the maf...