How much HP do I have?

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  1. I definitely respect that, I was just having fun and giving ya some sh!t. I pretty much thought this whole thread was a joke so I (tried) to add some humor. :)
  2. good job jsw! :)

    that dyno shop is 70 miles away from me. going to pull a plug nd check that bad boy out right now. if i can post a pic of it, i will.
  3. crappy looking pics with my iphone but the plug looks like it is beautifully tuned! :)
    i can't upload my video i took of it which is a little better.

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  4. the second one looks white because of the flash.
  5. WENT TO DYNO SHOP! 413 at the Wheels

    So now when someone asks how much HP they have and have similar mods to me, you can answer them with an educated guess without any BS... :)