How much HP do I have?

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  1. base timing
    timing pulled
    bottle pressure
    fuel jet size
    nitrous jet size
    base fuel pressure
    fuel being used
    plugs being used
  2. base timing 10
    FP 40
    93 octane
    ngk plugs
  3. Kewl... let us know when you plan to get some dyno-time and we'll re-attack. Make a psort of it and see who can get the closest.
  4. the times i have posted for 1/4 mile times are before the supercharger.
    i assume everyone knows that. 13.1 with a 2.1 60' time. i know that sucks.
    spray dropped it .3 and added 7mph.
    not sure what the charger will do and NO nitrous.
  5. Holy took you 145-posts to finally give us the info people have been asking for all along. You certainly are one for the suspenseful theatrics, aren’t you. ;)
  6. Someone say something? :shrug:
  7. why did you keep bringing up nitrous if your not going to spray it?
  8. Using it to get high? :shrug:
  9. Not sure... all I know is he needs NOS... 2 of em... big ones
  10. well hes **** then...

    we got 3... PER RUNNER
  11. so, with the clarification as to what my times were before the supercharger, anyone claim to guess HP before super charger with and without nitrous?! :)
  12. for the sake of the human race... never have kids... if you have kids. god help us

  13. 225 + 85 - 15% = 263 RWHP provided that the necessary supporting mods were correct, the engine is in decent shape, and the tune was pretty good.

    That's based on the mods and not your times.
  14. what a great thread. we have come full circle here. nos if for pansies anyway. i got it for the looks only.

  15. ricer...
    trust me... the race car is not for "pansies" as you call them!
  16. :sleep:
  17. man, your so phuckin cool....nobody is as as cool as you with your race car...oh's not yours

  18. Well at least srtthis knows what Nitrous is, what it does, and how to use it, even if it is not his car...............which is more than I can say for the OP, who claims to have it on his car...........but does not want to or know how to use it, and if he did I would probably hear the "boom" way up here in the great Pacific NW.
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