How much HP do I have?

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  1. I was just joking around :)
  2. i have a "basic" understanding of it lol

    say what you want... i spend more time working on that car then you do on your car and i do on my car combined. it takes a few people to get a car that fast down a track on a tire that small.
  3. who says the OP doesn't know how to use it? pretty damn simple if you ask me. haven't used it in about 2 years. but when I used it, it aint that hard... even your family could do it!
  4. there is more to it then most people think honestly. well to do it right and do it safely there is.
    its honestly why i believe nitrous has such a bad name because of people who have no idea what they are doing and melt a piston
  5. Yeah, but your version of using it (3 foggers) and his version of using it (1 nozzle plumbed in before the TB), are not the same.
    It's easy, when all you have to do is read the instructions, fill the bottle, and push the button for your additional (insert weanie hp # here). No worries about BP, FP, Timing, or what the plugs look like.
    But when you are dealing w/ bottle pressure(s) Dedicated fuel supplies, and delivery, delay timers, progressive initiation, multiple timing retards, flowing the system after a jet change (48 jets in your case) The $15.00 a gal C-16 (or whatever fuel you guys use) and Traction controls to get all of that sh it working and still get down the track,....I guess it might be a little more difficult. :shrug:
  6. I don't always use it


    but when I do, it ain't hard.
  7. hes got to worry about some of that stuff also. not on the level we do but he still has stuff to worry about. a his bottle pressure still changes his tune up. his fuel pressure still changes the tune up. his timing still needs to be backed off as needed. he should really tune it on the dyno shutting it off at the top of the run and pulling plugs making adjustments to timing and fuel jet size as needed after its tuned on the motor to its peak set up. his tune wont be on the ragged edge like we are that it needs adjusted between runs based off air temp DA and all that other crap. when it cools off in the fall is go up a fuel jet size. and maybe a 1/2*-1* of timing backed off also
  8. for 75hp? Who do you know that checks any of that on the average street system, spaying that "did it come on?" amount?
  9. i wouldnt do all of it for a 75 shot but i wouldnt run anything that small...

    id pull prob 2 deg to be safe and check air fuel on the dyno
  10. I worry about that stuff but I'm anal that way... and boosted... and have an AFR meter.
  11. 75 Hp shot is not much to worry about on it's own, but added to boost...............all of the sudden that 75 HP shot is a lot more worrisome.

  12. good point... i keep forgetting hes got a blower also.
  13. They make things like Viagra for this exact problem.....................just sayin:shrug:
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  14. i did have it tuned before the supercharger was installed for use with nitrous and without it. i havent used the nitrous in a few years and probably wont. don't care that much to fill it and that chit costs about 65-70 bones to fill my bottle. ill pull a plug this weekend and see how she looks as i have been running the charger for about a week now with no tune. the guy i talked to wants 450 to tune it and he doesnt even use a dyno. its all done while driving it hooked up to his computer.
  15. where are you located im sure i can find a local tuner who has a dyno....

  16. That sounds pretty is he supposed to tune for wot on the streets?

    Im sorry i was doing 140mph officer but were tuning a car... :nonono:
  17. ill check them out.

    that's what we did. went on a highway on and off ramps...