How Much Hp Does This Fox Have?

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  1. I am looking at a foxbody on craigslist. Just wondering how much power this car might be making and if it's a good buy or not. It's $3000.

    1982 mustang GT 302 5 speed

    1. Windsor SR heads
    2. Pro comp headers
    3. TRW pistons
    4. Weiand intake
    5. Lunati cam
    6. holley 750 carb
    8. 1.6 roller tip rockers
    9. 2 fuel pumps
    10. Light weight flywheel
    11. MSD ignition
    12. MSD blaster coil
    13. MSD distributor
    14. MSD plug wires
  2. Without specs on the cam I'd say 250-285 depending on how well it was put together.
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  3. ^^^ what he said. Looks like a descent buy IMO if everything works correctly. It is a t top and that makes it a little more unique/rare(not that it makes it more valuable). I'd be interested in giving it a look. Depending on the engine internals ie compression ratio,cam details,etc and the suspension it could run anywhere from mid 12's-14.00 in the 1/4 mile. Doesn't look like its a daily driver but could/should be streetable enough with a little work.
  4. not a bad deal for 3k couple of things to check

    rear end- 7.5 or 8.8?
    brakes- upgraded or stock
    T tops- do they leak?
  5. ^^^If your into 4 eyes that 82 is pretty nice.

    This one isn't too bad, talk him down a little but if the paint is good and all receipts in order he'll be taking a loss big time

    I'd change the black wheels to regular silver or chrome and a T5 swap.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys! I had a 1986 mustang GT that was mostly stock other then CAI and K&N and it hauled ass. I love the fox eyes but honestly don't care for the 87+ at all and it MUST be manual. I'll fall asleep driving an automatic lol

    *EDIT* Texted the guy the above questions and it has stock breaks, 8.8 rear end and no leaks with 4.10 gears. Whats the difference between 7.5 and 8.8?

    I'll hopefully go look at the 82 fox soon and maybe I'll become a regular on here haha
  7. The 7.5 is weaker than the 8.8, but as much as people bad mouth them gm put 7.5 rears under their 300hp f bodies. For a street car it shouldn't be an issue. Hard launches at the drag strip will eat them up, but the same can be said for the Ford wc 5 speed transmission.
  8. 4 eyes are sexy! But I might be biased. Lol.
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  9. 4 eyes have grown on me over the last couple years. Yours in your avatar looks sweet, an 86 t-top would put a smile on my face.
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  10. Honestly unless that 82 had a pacecar front end I wouldn't look twice. An 86gt is twice the car. That's when Ford started to get their act together.

  11. The other benefit is that I'm pretty sure you can stuff a Trac-Lok from an 8.8 into it.

    Oh an.... ZERO pics of the front at all. :(
  12. Maybe it's just my eyes but doesn't the left rear tire look like it has a bald spot on it? Somebody locking the brakes up on that thing a lot? Factor in new tires for the back possibly. Where is the air cleaner too?
  13. I think it's your eyes. I zoomed in and it's a shadow.
  14. Paint looks good. check the torque boxes, he had the drag radials/no exhaust on for a reason. make shure the frame is straight, look for any waves in the body panels. I'd bet it seen some track time. love them four eyes
  15. If the frame is good & straight and torque boxs are not wrecked or any other heavy rust and rotting going on i would buy that car for 3k in a minute! KILLER DEAL.