How Much Hp To Run 12s In Sn95 And In Fox?

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  1. Say both have fresh stock suspension and both full weight. What kind of horse does it take to run 12s? Oh and on street tires. Also lets say both have 302's. I'm not looking for an exact just a ball park.
  2. Edit: when I say full weight I mainly mean full interior. Aluminum heads are ok.
  3. I'm gonna say 275-300 rwhp in a fox

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  5. Good read.
  6. Hey whats the weight of sn95????
  7. ^^^^I like this fox answer :nice:
  8. To run 12s? No way does it take that much power. I mean, if you leave the suspension bone-stock without even disconnecting the sway bar, and you discount drag-radials as street tires, then I'd say that's about right.

    If you can use drag radials, gears, and drop your 60' into the 1.7s or better, I think you should be able to get there with 240 at the tire or less. Just a guess, though.

    I can tell you for sure that 320rwhp was enough to run 11s with old-school ET Streets (non radial), and skinnies up front, but that was in a car that weighed ~3150-3160 with me. I think it was 2976 lbs with a full interior. It was a hatch with aluminum heads, removed wishbone, removed A/C, removed spare tire stuff, and 1/8 tank of fuel, but added subframes, ignition box, and a couple other minor additions. Suspension was 4-cylinder springs up front, air-bag in the passenger side spring, & disconnected sway bar.

    So, by the rule of thumb, I could probably drop between 80-100 rwhp and still run 12s in that car.
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  9. That's what I was getting at. IF you READ instead of hitting the "easy answer button" then you tend to learn a lot. I wasn't trying to be an ass, just trying to help. If you wanna keep giving snarky responses, one of two things is likely to happen:

    1) people are going to stop helping you

    2) someone is going to call you out, things will get nasty, a mod will step in and slap everyone's hand.... Etc.

    When I first found this site a few years ago, I spent days reading before even registering. It's a wealth of information and you can get a lot more by digging instead of hitting "post new thread" every time you come up with a theoretical something-or-other. Most times, it's already been answered and beaten to a pulp.
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  10. I think around 3300lbs. Sounds pretty heavy though...
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  12. 3300 sounds about right for an SN95... Maybe a little lighter for the GTS. Foxes varied, so "full weight" can be misleading. A full weight GT is easily over 3200, and probably closer to 3300 lbs. The lightest weight cars were optionless notches which came without A/C and weighed in at just less than 3000 lbs.

    The stripper hatchback in the 13 second stock fox cars illustrated article weighed 3060 lbs straight from the factory. I don’t recall exactly what mine weighed because it has been a long time, but it was pretty close to this. Drop 70 lbs for the approximate weight difference of the hatchback body vs. the notchback, and that takes you to 2990. Now, I don’t know why you race at full weight, but I don’t. When I weigh my cars, I weighed them at my race weight. I also weighed the components that I took off of the car. The stock spare tire was 30lbs. The jack was 6 lbs. The dog-bone was 11 lbs. The gas tank holds 15.5 gallons. ¼ of a tank would be ~4 gallons. 15.5 gallons - 11.5 gallons drops 72 lbs. Therefore, the race weight minus the driver would be 2871.

    Hundreds, at least. Maybe thousands. I recognize it doesn't exactly fit the bill, hence the comment I made before posting the link.
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  13. 12's in a stock weight fox? slicks, some mods and drive it like you stole it. I'd say 270HP ish gets you there with a good driver. Hell.. just do some basic bolt ons, slicks and a 125 shot and you are there.
  14. I guess when I said "full weight" I meant street car off the lot kind of thing. For instance the new gt's, don't they run 12s off the showroom floor? I was wondering what kind of power it would take the fox and 94/5's to do the same to get a pseudo apples to apples comparison. I know they all weight different. I guess I could've stated "off the lot what kind if power is required?"
  15. The 85 mustangs weighed 2,795 to 2,853 pounds, depending on trim level. Sounds a little light but I got that of ehow. Its close though. I just know the verts are heavier.
    The SN95 we say about 3300
    The 2012 GT is about 3600
  16. mmm... I see. Well, when you can swap gears and add traction, you don't need a whole hell of a lot of power to run a low ET. However, just after the finish line, that new GT is going to blow your doors off because it's trapping a lot higher.

    If you want the equivalent power to keep with it even from a highway roll, or to match traps in the 1/4, I'd say a solid 300-320 rwhp.

    I think that's underestimating the '85 significantly and overestimating the New GT a little. I'd guess the 85 mustang weights quoted were 4 cylinder LXs. You're probably close to the same as the '87-93s. It's the same chassis, motor, and a close enough body.
  17. Yea, I agree about the whole traction and gears thing. I can easily keep up with a newer mustang as long as its a high rpm launch. Once you get up into the higher mph though they fly by!
    Yea, that's one reason they come stock with more power now in days right? Because the added weight for all the new good suspension they come with. I know you hear comes with 400hp stock but knock off some of that factory over-rating and think about weight differences. I'm not knocking the new ones they definitely are beast and nice racecars from the factory.
  18. Here we go, mods get the ruler for hand slapping:
    1. It just wasnt that helpful.
    a. It was just a list of dyno graphs and mods. If I was to ask how much does x mod make it would have been wonderful.
    b. The 2 time slips provided did not pertain, the had slicks or dr
    c. They also didnt state whether or not they had interiors or were stripped.
    2. "Do a search"
    a. If everyone "did a search" there would be no new post in sections past 2013 year models. We can find just about every answer to every problem via google via the 300 mustang forums archives.
    b. When one complains that one should do a search it is like calling the cable company and complaining that they only play reruns on Nick At Nite
    3. Yes I believe you did post a link to be snarky because you thought I was lazy and that I should "do a search"
    4. I "do a search" 88% of the time for all my mustang needs via google which lands me to a gillion mustang forums where sometimes I find what I'm looking for and sometimes I do not.