How Much Hp To Run 12s In Sn95 And In Fox?

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  1. Thanks man good reply, answered my question. I guess I should have worded it differently from the jump
  2. The new ones are pretty quick huh? I haven't ridden in one and haven't been to a track in a long while to see one in action. The other day I was reading an article on mustang gt vs charger rt. Thats what kinda sparked this thread. They said the mustang ran like a high 12 (12.8 maybe it was??) and the charger ran a 14! Like 14.05 I think. Must be one heavy pig. They also said the stang had a top speed of 150 where the dodge was 170
  3. Ps: aren't y'all supposed to be working instead of stangneting?:p I forgot my phone at home yesterday and I felt naked w/ out it.
  4. damn 170! but 14qtr eh...
  5. I was literally thinking "off the lot interior" body etc, ...just adding power, gear, tires to get to the needed hp range to do it :shrug:
  6. I know huh, exactly what I was thinking. They're sexy but that's a lotta scratch to run 14's. My old man would call it "a hwy cruiser." Maybe the target demographic isn't wanting a car to beat on at the track. Don't think I would on a mid 30k dolla car either.
  7. It's almost 8:30pm here in Germany ;)
  8. 150, unless limited, is not the stang's top speed. A fox would go over 140.
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  9. True I got a buddy that has one of those v12 jags. All he does is drive the interstate racing Audi's and what not, high speed stuff. Crazy.
  10. I don't have the stones to do 140 in my fox. Too rough at the moment.
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  11. If he wants some interstate action, he needs to come live in Germany. I've spent half a tank of fuel staying with a couple of porche turbos in my Corvette. Those cars are faster, but no one really wants to try to stay above 160 for very long, and I'm just as comfortable there as they are :)
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  12. I've seen a lot of newer mustangs,camaros,challengers,etc at the track and none of the stock cars ran 12's. Not here at least. Even raced a GTO with one of those rear turbo setups that was having problems getting into the mid 12,s(no slicks). They have capability to with some sticky tires though. For a fox body to run 12's on radial tires I think it will take 275-300whp
  13. Depends on the race weight but you're going to need a weight/rwhp ratio of not more than 13.6lb/rwhp. Therefore with a 3200lb race weight, you could run a 12.9x with as little as 235rwhp.
  14. Ha-ha sounds fun.
  15. 1992 LX with GT interior from the factory.
    No weight removal, 100% stock suspension, underdrives, full exhaust MAF., DOT's on turbines and skinnies on convo pros.
    232hp, 3250 race weight, 12.96 @ 104.0 in 2600'DA.
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  16. With sticky tires. Yes. Regular street radials dogging it out of the hole...nope
  17. I drove to and from the track on those tires every weekend and many Wednesday nights for over a year... 45 miles each way, often times leaving them on the car for daily driving and fun outings.
    Original post requested street tires, and that is what DOT's are.
  18. FWIW, I consider the newer Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial to be a street tire, since it's DOT approved. I have every bit of confidence that a
    booyah! I'm glad to see someone confirm the 240rwhp guess! Well done, sir:nice:
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  19. Ha! I actually wrote the first portion of that post, but stopped and left the site earlier. I guess the site has a memory, because I didn't realize it was there when I quoted cleanLX's post. The end of the original portion was going to be "that a car could cut into the 12s without the necessity of slicks."
  20. ^^^^^Haven't been to the track since my tune, this makes me feel good :nice:
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