How Much Hp To Run 12s In Sn95 And In Fox?

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  1. Let me tell you, the new Mustangs are crazy fast, even the V6's. Bought my wifey a 13 base V6 and that thing will smoke a stock fox body if you are not on top of your game. The GT's are just balls out quick. Put a set of gears, exhaust. a tune and CAI and DRs on them and youare in the 12's. The auto's are just as quick as the sticks on them.
  2. My Fox with the mods in my Sig feels every bit as fast as my old ls1 camaro.
  3. :) I was talking about the original style gatorbacks. Those sucked!! Still impressive though. Fastest I could go with the same similar setup was mid 13's pulling 1.8 60 ft. Now with a little 125 shot it ran 12.3s:nice:
  4. Good info guys. Not a bad thread I made if I do say so myself. Say fast driver, does the vette turn some heads in Germany? What year model is it
  5. So I spend 40k on a new GT. Then I spend another 1-2k. So I've got a 12 sec ride. Nah I'll keep mine and run bottom 12s for 1/5 the price. When I throw a good godly amount of $$ at my car it'll run 9s. Lol. The new cars are badass just not for me
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  6. I agree. Got some buddies with them. They're more into customizing by making it pretty. I'm more into motor work. When they get motor or gear work done they take the car somewhere. I do it myself and learn as I go... I guess it's all preference and what you like to do.
  7. Kinda an apples and oranges thing. For most people the older cars are a hobby and the new ones are a quick form of transportation.
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  8. A godly amount of $ in my pocket book will get me in the 12's
  9. Agreed. It's just funny because there like my cars so fast. I just laugh and say but can you fix it.
  10. Isn't it funny how times change...? When I was young (I'm only 31 but u know) intake mani's were made of metal.
  11. @90lxwhite I'm actually only 23, but even just from the 90's things definitely have changed. I'm just old school for my age. I see what's important earlier on fortunately. Except school I missed that bus... ha.
  12. I've only been down the strip once and that was in an 1/8 mi track and that was in my 95 gt. I sucked, cars not that fast but my driving was even worse I think. At the time it was making 209 rear horse and I just got a set of 3.73's so I was like hm I bet this thing might run, well I was wrong. I think I had a shot of beating a neon srt or at least hung w it. Had my best launch and we were door to door for a bit but I missed 3rd gear. He might have pulled away on me I'm not sure if he was in full boost or not. But anyway it was getting late n I was tired of getting my azz handed to me so I went home. I think I have a tad more power now due to a couple of minor mods and I have better tires but I'm not ready to go back or to try out a 1/4 track(I'd have to travel a ways) yet. I just feel like a dork ripping off a 14 or hell maybe even a 15 sec run. She's since been painted and new wheels and tires though so she looks pretty. I guess I'mma call er a cruiser. I think w more power maybe it'd make up for my lack of experience but as she sits I'm too shy to get some practice. I need a good head job:cool:
  13. Yea, I hear that missing a gear kills you no matter what. Hopefully you weren't power-shifting. We only have an 1/8th mile track around us and its about 25-30 miles away. I have started to sway more towards road racing, the drags just beat the car to much. Boy a new paint job is EXSPENSIVE these days. Hell half the cost of a motor. Hey I'd take a pretty cruiser over one of these new cars. Ha-ha don't we all :nice:
  14. Ha yeah hear ya bro, I'm a product of the 90's and early aughts. I should've went to school as well instead of the navy... Now I sweat my ass off for a living making hamburger buns and english muffins at a rate of 560 per minute.
  15. Ah that's cool my dad's a Navy man. Buns and muffins per minute, holy crapola!
  16. image.jpg What sux is the motor is fresh I just didnt do my homework before the build.... Doh! So I kinda gotta eat it for awhile and move on.
  17. @90lxwhite What did you do to the motor that you're eating it? I love that blue, mine was that color previously but I switched to a baby blue.
  18. Yeah I'm in my 2nd commercial bakery gig, tough work and the sched sucks. The one I'm at now makes the English muffins n buns for McDonald's for a crap load of states as well as sum buns for a couple of Houston area school districts but those don't get near the quantity that Micky d's does
  19. Dang! Tough work is definitely better than no work. Sucks to hear after serving you don't land a laid back job.
  20. Was a total rebuild but went back w stock heads.... Pretty much dropped it off at a guy and said rebuild it I'd like 300 hp... He put flat top pistons (w reliefs) rebuilt stock heads w better springs and threw in a cam. Made 209 rwhp which is better than stock but not near worth the $ invested. Since then I had the lower mani ported n sum exhaust n suspension mods done n gears. I think I either have a blown lower intake gasket or possible head currently so if it is head maybe I can make sum magic happen and get a set of aluminums but we'll see. Oh n thanks for the comment on ole blue. Viper blue it is
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