How Much Hp To Run 12s In Sn95 And In Fox?

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  1. Not saying your wrong bout avg salary bc in sure you pulled em up from somewhere but I'm having a hard time buying the avg being 42k. W america no longer producing things there aren't near as many production based jobs. Thus leaving us with service jobs. Im no economist by any means but id be willing to be there are more people w/ out degrees than with. So where does this leave the one w no degree in a service industry? Retail and such, no ones making 42k in retail. While there are still jobs that make money the top and bottom are so far apart. Where's the middle class? Even if you are making the 42k you can't get too far w it. 300k dolla home and a 40k dolla car on 42k a year???
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  2. The new economy is based on a dual income house. That leaves just enough to pay the bills and nothing else after Obama and the tax men take their cut. Welcome to middle class.
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  3. Oh I know it you're sho right. I'm livin it. We had a major city file bankruptcy for Pete's sake!! C'mon America....
  4. The middle class was the largest section of muscle car buyers but it was shrunk in recent years by bad government policies and the corporate greed of banks and mortgage lenders. A tiny section of the population became richer while the majority became poorer.
    As a result of the biggest case of reverse socialism in history, the current generation have a lower standard of living than their parents and can't afford to buy newer cars. The current crop of muscle cars would otherwise have been affordable in a healthy economy with a strong middle class, and they're certainly very popular over here in the Gulf.

  5. Quite true.....the U.S. is one of the few countries, if not the only, that ever had a true "Middle Class". The American Middle Class was the biggest spending group in the world. This is also the 1st time in history where we see children managing/supervising their parent's generation in the workplace.
    The musclecar industry crashed around 1973 with gas rationing and going from leaded to unleaded fuel. One muscle car from each of the "Big 3" is a far cry from the way things were. They used to compete rigorously over performance, and now they struggle to stay in business at all.
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  6. Anyway.....back to the OP/Topic. I would take a look at and search their "database" for a consensus on mods vs ET's. It's just important to remember that an enginine is just an air pump....air sucked in and air pumped out. The greater the volume & effciency, the more power. I would also look at sending all Mustangs to Weight Watchers.
  7. There are too many factors in there to limit it to power. Weight and suspension have more to do with it then power.


  8. Agreed....and once you get the slicks & suspension to hook-up....if the drivetrain isn't "bulletproof", you'll blow clutches, trans, rear gears, u-joints, axles, or whatever the next weak link happens to's an engineering adventure.
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  9. One I've been through a couple of times.

  10. Agree and if you can optimize traction, what I said earlier certainly holds true:

  11. That was my car with the time slips and I did not list any horsepower numbers because it's never been on a dyno so you didn't miss anything I just don't have numbers and didn't want to guess. It does have full interior, not sure how it would run on street tires. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have if that helps in any way.
  12. It's cool man, really I was just kinda wondering what kind of power the 302's would need to be making to keep up with the new gt's on the street or at the track
  13. I would guess about 80hp less to keep up.

  14. If you want to run 12's per the OP, I've read that a Stage 3 Rousch runs mid to low 12' could mimmick one of those or add nitrous to a stock or modestly modded 2v 4.6