Drivetrain How Much Hp You Putting In Front Of Your T-5?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Chad Hensley, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. I know they are rated for 300 torque but I'm curious what you guys are doing and how they are holding up.
  2. My T-5 was rebuilt with an Astro A5 kit rated at 550ftlbs and it's holding up no issues so far i have probably about 5000 miles on the tranny including playing at the drag strip a few times and also autocrossing the car. The tranny is noisy because of the straighter cut gears from 1st to 3rd and quites down in 4th and 5th buta car making good noises doesn't bother me at all including the blower whine gotta love it.:nice:
  3. Can I ask what that transmission ended up costing you out the door? I have a friend that is going to need an upgrade, he just doesn't know it yet. I run a dinosaur 3550 which falls apart on a regular basis.

  4. Running 460 rwtq on mine, lasted years (6) before the bearings started to wear out. About 30 track passes and double that on the street a year lol. But I know I was a lucky one... Not all last.
  5. Yah I'd say lol... I've just heard nothing but horror stories about them not taking any kind of HP/TQ. Was just curious.
  6. 440hp/540tq to the wheels, with 6k launches on slicks on spray my trans hasnt had issues. And I just had it out this month, purchased the ford racing rebuild kit with the new style carbon fiber synchros for first and second, shifts real nice. Also added bronze shifter fork pads, steel input retainer, and billet cluster support. It feels even tighter than before, should hold up even better now.
  7. Wow.. Guess I'll wait till it dies before I go for a upgrade.

  8. That is what I would suggest.
  9. My tranny including parts and the rebuild was about $2k
  10. i have had 500 in front of min efor 9 years still working great stock clutch too
  11. Downside is, if you wait until it breaks you can't sell it intact. I need to swap mine out next year, but am careful to not grenade it before hand so I can offset some of the price of the new tranny.
  12. Mine seems to be holding up fine with 370/400 to the tires. It is one of the Astro performance T5's as well. I haven't launched the car on slicks yet. But after reading this thread maybe I'll give it a shot!