how much hp?

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  1. how much of an hp increase is need to actual feel it- meaning installing a part then starting the car and noticing while driving around not putting a part onand taking it to the track and notice that your times have dropped .05 seconds because i dont think youd feel that
  2. That is kind of a tricky question. Do you mean peak hp, or across the board? I would say about 10hp peak. I know when I installed my x-pipe, under 3k rpm the car seemed the same, but above that it started to scream.
  3. I've seen where people think they felt a gain and when they have it dynoed it was nothing. I think it would be easier to feel low end torque than horsepower
  4. I'm guessing torque gain plays a role in SOTP feeling as well?

    I've noticed a slight gain when above 2 or 3k after I had magnaflows installed. Then again, that could be all in my head. :shrug:
  5. "they" say every 15 fly wheel....or will feel it
  6. I felt it with my long tubes on... no question asked..
  7. Same here....I really felt an considerable hp/torque increase when I installed my LT headers and off-road X-pipe. I did not feel anything when I installed the 70mm TB, CAI and underdrive pulleys all together. I do hope to feel a huge difference next week after installing my KB S/C 9psi kit.
  8. yeh i was thinking about 10 rwhp
  9. Some peoples SOTP meters are more fine tuned than others, or their imagination is decide which one

  10. I felt that too :nice:
  11. I really felt a hugh difference when i put my gears on. Felt like the car had alot more balls to it.. Supercharger work also.... :p
  12. It depends on if your SOTP dyno is run by your mind or your butt. I have seen several people say that they felt a HUGE difference and they gained nothing or even lost all across the board. Sometimes the desire to get your money's worth takes over.

    I felt the car pull harder about 3500rpms with pulleys
    It felt stronger all the way with the LTs (I already had a High flow midpipe)
    It felt tons stronger with gears
    It feels a little stronger with the blower :D