How Much Hp?

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  1. Whats my hp close to im goignt o be picking this up tommorow it a 94 gt with
    1994 Has a built 5.0 with e303 cam,
    -stainless catless x pipe with flowmaster 40 series
    -75cc injectors, svo lifters and rods,
    -new clutch, new brakes,master cylinder,proportioning valve, spark plugs and water pump at 150k miles
    -cobra 2000R hood, s281wing
    -FR500 wheels good tires. have extra 4 nexen n7000 tires
    -eibach lowering springs
    Disregard all the inaplicable things listed im new to thi any help would be much apreciated
  2. I thnk yuo shuld fix thee spellign firts so peopel cann helps yoo.

    WTF are a
    built 5.0
    75cc injectors, SVO lifters and rods?

    The wing adds 50hp at least. Why do you care how much hp it makes unless you race a dyno.
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  3. Si habla ingles
  4. Assuming a stock 5.0 with an E cam, your in the 230-240 go range? Not sure what else the car has, but I wouldn't worry about the power number as much as the rest of the car.
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  5. You guys are dicks. That is his first post. Maybe try and help the guy instead of just insulting him. Yes, I know.... 75cc injectors, svo lifters :shrug: Seems like a good opportunity for you guys to offer your knowledge and experience to educate someone. Disregard 25th, I agree with your estimate.
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  6. Stock engine with letter cam? My buddy did this and the dyno said 180/275. With heads and intake I am sure 260/300 is well within the range of possibility.
  7. I say 240/275-ish :chin
  8. how about some more information on the build, like compression ratio, what cylinder heads are being used, what intake, are you running headers and what tube size they are, and are they shorties or long tubes. what size throttle body.

    making assumptions here, assuming stock heads and stock intake, along with stock exhaust manifolds, and the E303 cam, at the flywheel you should see about 250hp, maybe 260 depending on the tune.
  9. It would seem that "unfriendly" post's #2 and #3 caused OP to sign off. I think you guys are posting among yourselves at this point.
  10. i am an optimist, he might come back after reading the other posts. he might just be busy right now and doesnt have time to be on the forum as much as some of us are. i mean he only posted on saturday, and remember that some forums have rules like, no posting for 24 hours after registering, others require that the posts be approved by the mods, etc.
  11. Im a pretty friendly guy, but even when i was a young newbie, at least I tried to explain in a format that everyone could read and understand what I was asking
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  12. Agree. It gets frustrating reading gibberish. We can all misspeak/misspell etc but damn....proofread before you post something that every other word is jacked up
  13. I wasn't trying to come off like a jerk ,but after 20 years you get sick of 100000 newb 'how much hp" posts, especially ones that you can't read and they have no clue what they are saying. But like I said, who cares really. Do you get a cookie at 250hp or did the CL ad say it had 400hp because it was "built"? If I have a nickel for every scammer who made up a hp number on a car they were selling, I'd be rich.
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  15. i understand where you guys are coming from, and i too get frustrated from time to time when dealing with newbies, especially ones that have no clue about how anything works, and have a hard time communicating. but we do have to remember that we were in that position at one point in time, and someone took us under their wing and taught us everything, including how to communicate with others.

    we have to remember that and try to have the patience with the newbies, that our mentors had with us.
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  16. I hate when people have run on sentences. Like damn, throw in a couple of periods so I know what is going on.
  17. yeah i hate run in sentences also its like you dont know where things begin or end its tough sometimes but then again we have to deal with it as best we can:rlaugh:
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  18. Also
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  19. I just want the OP to come back and tell us what 75CC injectors are. :shrug: