How Much Hp?

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  1. Well he did say....:spit:
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  2. We'll see what kind of challenge it is to do this on my phone.

    It's a known fact that I'm intolerant of poor spelling/ grammar, especially when simply reading what you wrote can be corrected, even after it's posted.
    (Call it one of my peeves).
    I, like a few others become so tired of the constant re-emergence of the "how much power" threads, it is all I can do to not say something negative. Now, add a blathering, bunch of mumbo-jumbo, w/ a healthy dose of mispelled words to it, and I can see why some poor unsuspecting newb ( who obviously doesn't mind being considered illiterate, or at the very least, lazy) will get his ass tore up because of it.

    It's one thing being a new guy, asking for help, and its another thing when you can't even bother to be clear about what it is you're asking for.

    I just pecked this whole thing out on a windows phone,...I made a bagillion spelling and wrong word mistakes based on "tiny buttons/fat fingers".

    See if any of that made sense.
  3. I would also say the phone thing can make spelling a tough task. Because of this I try and proof read before or after i hit the send button within 10 min or so. On behalf of the first two posts of #2, #3 it was 12 hours when the first response was given. WAY enough time to be looked over and somewhat corrected. To me that's out right, "Heres's my B.S. so deal with it and figure it out." ....and 12hrs of B.S. uncorrected is fair game for any response to this open forum shuffle IMO :nice:
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  4. Just thought you would like to know that you did not capitalize the "I" in your second sentence.:notnice:LOL
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  5. Still had 1 min :rlaugh:
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  6. A few years back I remember a new thread posted and the OP's grammar, spelling, and sentence structure was soooo bad that I could not even make out what the topic was.
    I happened to be the first reply to that thread so all I could come up with was "Welcome to Earth":D
  7. I want to apologize to all of you for all the misspelling and all that nonsense.
    It was just a quick type up and copy and pasting yet again sorry. But moving foward I ended up picking up a 97 cobra one owner 115 k miles stock not one modification. Let me know what route I can take with that. Hopefully this post is more up to all of you're standards I am quite illiterate by the way just for future reference I have a learning disability.
  8. Thanks for not giving up on us! :)
  9. You are back, cool :nice: gave ya your first like. Lotta these guys know cars so you'll find good advice on the things you wanna learn about. Make sure to browse the top stickies with common questions in the different forums here, LOTS of great info!!!
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  10. Welcome back Jose! As Grabbin' states there are many here that have a wealth of knowledge and I'm sure they will help you along the way. They have certainly been kind and offered great advice to me. Congrats on your purchase and best of luck on your build.

  11. Jose, first welcome back. Second, I would like to apologize. Had I known your mispelling was due to a learning disabiliity I would not have typed what I did.

    Glad to see you found a car you like.
  12. jose, dont worry about making mistakes, all of us on this board have made many in the past, including spelling errors, punctuation errors, grammar errors, etc. heck we even make errors in judgement about building cars.

    just do your best, ask any questions you have, and remember you might think all of us are crazy on this board, but stay with us long enough and you will find that we are only insane.:p:D:pirate::tard::party::drink::drink: