How much is insurance on your 03 Cobra?

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  1. SueC..........I lost track of my tickets at number 25, thank God for prohbation.

    2003 Cobra
    Bassani catback
    Bassani x pipe
    pro 50 shifter
    mgw shifter handle
  2. My new 2003 Cobra is only costing me $30 more per month than my GT. We have a 2 car insurance plan, $250 Deductibles, and our total monthly payment will now be $235 a month for two cars and renters insurance. The Cobra is about $130 per month. Not bad since my GT was $235 a month when it was new. This great rate is because we have no accidents, no tickets, I'm an almost 30 year old fart, and I'm military using USAA as my insurance company. USAA is a great company to work with. My insurance also went down big time when we moved to SC from OK. The problem with the midwest was all the huge thunderstorms that would produce baseball size hail (not so good for the cars).

  3. Ok, I live in NJ and I pay 435 for 6 months 2003 cobra, this is with 4 cars policy 2 cars for me and 2 for my spouse. 35 years old, 2 points license, 500 deductible comp and coll. car is listed pleasure use. also got quoted for 2004 cobra 485 for 6 six
  4. Insurance

    Alright, I'm an old fart but this message hit home with me. I sold my 60's muscle car last fall and decided to get something newer. Initially I was going to get a 2 or 3 year old Boxster S or Corvette convertible, I'm 40 with a clean record, married with a multi-car / house discount policy. The wife suggested something with a back seat so I decided on a 2001 Cobra Convertible. I found one, bought it, told the insurance guy, got the bill a week later and went wild. It was almost exactly twice what he quoted me for the Boxster S or the Corvette. Gotta admit though, the car put such a smile on my face I bumped the deductible up the $1K and agreed to park it 3 months out of the year (that put it back into the same range as the Vet or Boxster) and paid the bill. :bang:
  5. I'm with usaa and in November I had a 94 cobra, 98 Gt, 02 Harley F150, and an 03 cobra and I was paying 365.00 per month, since then the 94 cobra has been sold and I am now paying 315.00 per month with 500.00 deductibles. This price includes renters ins and a few persanal artical floaters. I'm 26 and my wife is 32 the damn gt is costing me more then the truck and the truck is faster so now the gt is for sale
  6. I'm 26, have USAA with full coverage, one car, and pay about $2k/yr. Clean record (knock on wood), one ticket two years ago (remdied with DD), single. However, a year ago, they sent me a dividend check. And a few months ago, I got another dividend check. So even though it says ~$2k/yr on paper, they are giving me $$ back when they make money.

    I don't know too many companies that'll do that, so I'll stick with USAA.
  7. 38 yr, married, multi car & house, I'm paying $943 a year for my '01 'vert & was quoted $1041 a year for a '04 Cobra coupe.
    This is with erie insurance with the car listed as pleasure use.
  8. That is one thing that is nice about USAA --- Right now I have about $1000 sitting with them that has been refunded to me on premiums- My premium refund this last year was $383.
  9. I'm 37, married, and no points. I have New Jersey Manufacturers, which is probably the best policy to have in NJ. I pay $1150 per yr. with $1000 deductible. No complaints here, especially as bad as Jersey is with insurance premiums. :D
  10. Yeah I got a good check back too. Something like $350-500. I forget, but it was sizeable. I like that.
  11. ...moving to "talk" instead gang. :)
  12. I called and gave them the VIN for a Zo6 2004 corvette. Came out to be 957/6 months with full coverage. Thats damn near as cheap as my fiancees freaking 2002 neon. Its got me after one, I know that. Just need good prices on my two SVTs to keep my payment down as low as possible.