How much is my car worth ?

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    This guy in Drummondville is really interested in my stang. I could have 12000$ but with the engine in. Go read the original thread.
  2. It's worth $100.. But since I'm a nice guy, I'll give you $120, $20 for your trouble - you won't even have to put the engine back in... just have it delivered to my dad's place :D

    Well how much have you spent on the engine? All these parts and whatnot... calculate all of this. That's a nice hatch though, he wants to trade with your car? How much is he willing to give you? Also check out the Hebdo it seems that freaking fox bodies are going up. $2000 for clean 4 bangers in there and $4000 for junked GTs, it's crazy!
  3. On the engine, I spent 0$. Have all the performance parts uninstalled yet. What I put since I have the car is the shifter, headers, H-Pipe, Flows, gears, line-lock, wheels, clear headlights.

    I love his car. On the pic it has those hoodpins, but apparently when he did the new paint in March, he took em off. Good thing cause I dont lie those that much. 130000kms for a 89 REAL GT isnt much. He says he wants at least 10500$ for it. So if I would give him my car, I'd have his + 1500$ or so.
  4. I dunno, I think he wants a good chunk of change for his. I wouldn't take that deal unless I was walking away with at least $3000.
  5. 10 grand for a fox? mmmm i wouldnt do it
  6. IF I say that I'd sell my car with the engine in for 12000-12500$ including everything possible, how much should I ask for the car with the engine in pieces ? All the parts are gonna be in there. . Please everybody climb in. I need to know ASAP.
  7. See Mario, you are going to have some huge problems.

    1) Everyone here likes your car, lots.
    2) That guy is asking waaay too much cash for his car.
    3) Your car looks real good, and will be stupid fast this year too.

    At the very least, wait until you get to try your car with all the goodies in it! Like you asid on the phone last night, the instant you feel all that power you are gonna want to keep it.
  8. 10 grand! I checkout the hebdo for the fun and look what I found! No matter how much you pay for a used car, you will still have to put some cash into it. Just take your time. I saw a hatch that was in the low 11's and 10's with N2O for around 10,000$ last year... Build your car and sell it for 13 grand, it's spring time I sure you can sell it quickly. Buy a fox for around 5 grand and start fixing it up slowly.

    1986 (still carbed, I think?)

    Freaking nice coupe!

    This guy says he has 550HP? on a 5.0???

    Here is my favorit fox built 306
  9. Those are nice cars ! Except a coupe should stay naked and not get GT bodykit on it IMO.

    I know what you all think about this deal. But I'm still trying to figure out the value of my car with no engine. Either I could trade with no engine at all, or with the engine off the car with all the parts.
  10. Mario: it's like your asking us to go buy the rope to hang yourself... we wont be part of this! :D
  11. You said $0 on the engine but since you bought all the parts, what is the sum of the parts that WON'T fit on a fox?

    Just don't rush into it man, I know how hard spring fever is but seriously I'd finish the car first. If you can't sell it for a good price once finished, pull out the engine and attempt to sell the body as is. Rushing into it, I'm affraid you'll loose a lot of cash for nothing.
  12. I just wanted to know cause the other guy wants mine either way.

    I just looked in the and OMFG there's a lot of fox 5.0's that look decent and ok kms for under 4000$ !!
  13. I will quote what a very smart guy wrote here:

    "Build your car and sell it for 13 grand, it's spring time I sure you can sell it quickly. Buy a fox for around 5 grand and start fixing it up slowly."

  14. to be serious for the engine i really dont know... i would say between 2 to 3 grand
  15. ProM 75mm (still could get it calibrated for 100$ I think), that ELBOW on my Performer intake. It needs to be changed for an EGR plate or something for the fox. That is the real only part.(70$US)

    All my parts are pretty much switchable but its just that I'll have to buy a new shifer, o/r H-pipe, etc.
  16. :cheers:

    We need to beat it into Mario :chair: :stick: .
  17. Buying a used fox body mustang..............10000$
    Modding and repair it.............................2-3000$

    Keeping the stang you know from a to z and just about to have it like you want............................................PRICELESS

    :D :D
  18. <marquee direction=left>:shrug: :bang: :scratch: :eek: :doh: :confused: :eek: </marquee>

    Knowing that I'd sell the car for 12000$, FRANK says that if I'd trade/sell the car without the engine in the car, but with it in parts, I should ask NO LESS than 10000$. Does that make sense to you guys ?

    Maybe I'll try posting something in the Montrealmustang classified or something.
  19. i say we take his car away and lock him up for a year or two. maybe then he'll realise what a great car he has =)
  20. I'm going tomorrow morning to Drummondville to see that guy's mustang. We'll go from there. He seems interested in the " I sell my car for 10000$ with no engine" deal. Not sure what will happen. I wont have access to the internet until tomorrow night. I got a souper somewhere near Mtl after that meeting with that guy.
    :canflag: Wish that this guy'S car is very ugly and runs like crap otherwise..who knows...